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My mission is to show you how to leverage time, focus and resourcefulness to go after the life you want.

Award-winning YouTube creator, best-selling author & international public speaker

For a decade, millions of people have tuned into her enthusiastic, actionable, and transformative content—both online and in-person.

Creator of the award-winning series AmyTV and author of the best-selling book Vlog Like a Boss; How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging, Amy Landino has empowered people from over 100 countries all over the World to go after the life they want.

Co-founder of the video production house Aftermarq, Amy shares her expertise of building brand authority through digital content with their Fortune 500 clients such as SAP, Oracle, and Intel.

She is known for her edutainment style in everything she teaches. Amy is a professional keynote speaker traveling the world to share her insights with people who want to go after the life they want and leverage digital attention to make it happen.

As a community leader, Amy is also passionate about the vibrancy of her hometown, Columbus. She is a board member for the Central Ohio Transit Authority—a national leader in transportation technology—and she recently completed her 6-year term as president of the Downtown Residents' Association.

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At Aftermarq, we make video. Really great video. Through our work as a creative studio, we help brands to craft their stories utilizing film and original content in advertising, marketing, and the arts.


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