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Introducing your manual to video blogging: Vlog Like a Boss!

Do you have a message that must be shared? Do you have an idea that needs an action plan? Do you want to increase the impact of people you help?

I'm here to help you take action and build a brand people trust with the help of effective vlogging tactics.

With a collection of strategies from years of experience in online video, in this book I share time-tested, proven methods to creating brand awareness with vlogging that will build a loyal community for years to come!

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What Colleagues and Clients Are Saying

  • "Mastering the art of the "jab" through vlogging means learning from Amy Schmittauer. I don't consume a lot of video, but Amy knows how to crush it to get attention. She got mine. Take notes.

    Gary Vaynerchuk 5-Time NYT Best Selling Author and CEO of Vaynermedia
  • "I'm so happy to call Amy an internet friend, and now you can too! :) Amy is charming, witty, smart, and fun while she drops all the vlog knowledge you need in one place. She's the best #VlogBoss ever!"

    Justine Ezarik YouTuber, NYT Best Selling Author
  • "Amy Schmittauer is the most authoritative voice in the how-to vlogging space. She is by far one of my favorite thought leaders and educational resources for all things digital and video. Her mentorship has contributed to my growth and success as a so

    Tyler Culbertson Social Media for Tony Robbins
  • "Amy’s authenticity and passion are inspiring. She makes it easy to learn from her and I have learned a lot."

    Michelle Tillis Lederman Best Selling Author of The 11 Laws of Likability
  • "Only fools will try to start a video series without reading this book first. Vlog Like a Boss is a perfect mix of inspirational and tactical advice. Highly recommended!"

    Jay Baer President of Convince and Convert, Best Selling Author of Hug Your Haters
  • "Amy is brilliant. They say if you can’t explain something to a 5-year-old, you don’t understand it well enough. Amy breaks down topics in marketing, blogging and video well enough to have a 5 year old vlogging like a boss in no time!"

    Marques Brownlee YouTuber
  • Learning from Amy was a game-changer for my business because not only has she taught the technical details and strategy for improving my YouTube channel and videos, she leads by example in her own videos and channel. Amy’s insight gave me the confidence I needed to start creating videos in my business in an authentic (and fun) way.

    Meredith Marsh Vlogger,
  • "Simply put, Amy gets video. It is clear that Amy has mastered the art and science of how to leverage video as a powerful marketing vehicle. It's that mastery that has allowed her to generate such a rabid following and position her as one of the smartest video marketers in the industry."

    Erik Harbison CMO of
  • I was really impressed with Amy's style and poise on the stage. Very professional and her talk was actionable and entertaining. An awesome speaker.

    Mark Schaefer Best Selling Author of Known, The Tao of Twitter