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This YouTube Feature Will Get You More Views

By Amy Landino

View hacking. Everyone wants to know how to do it. More impact means more brand awareness. But it starts with who you have right now. Appreciating the network you have and showing them you care is the first important step to activating them to spread the word for you, as well as, take further action themselves.

Knowing this and finding ways to get as much traction on your videos as possible to make it easy for people to support you, is critical. So today, I'm doing a tutorial on how to leverage a YouTube feature the will help you get more views on your videos. Simply by making the experience for your current viewer better.

Leveraging YouTube End Screens to Get More Views

YouTube wants you to get more views. They do. The more you get, the more watch time is happening on their website. That's good news for everyone because it means there is more money being made across the board.

Looking into new and existing features that YouTube offers is therefore critical because they are often going to be something that is directly related to helping you keep people on YouTube.com watching videos.

One of those features is called YouTube End Screens. This is an opportunity for you to have interactive buttons, if you will, at the end of your videos so that if they enjoyed themselves to this point, they may opt for whatever the next step is that you present to them.

End screens allow you to offer recommendations to the viewer like specific videos to watch on your channel, as well as subscribing to your or another YouTube channel.

As you'll see in the video tutorial, I recommend offering people your most recent video to watch. You might be thinking “but what if they are already watching my most recent video?” Think outside the box. When you create on YouTube, you are investing in an archive. Someone may be watching your channel right now and watching an older video they found in search. So if you have end screens installed on it and you recommend someone to watch your most recent upload, they now have that video on their radar and may not have initially.

If you want more views, think like your viewer. What happens when they arrive and what will help them decide to stay to watch your content? Leverage end screens to get at least one extra view out of someone who had a great experience on your channel.

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