The Only Thing Worse Than The Comment Section | Amy Landino

The Only Thing Worse Than The Comment Section

By Amy Landino

Our conversation today might be one of the most important to have in the world of video: the comment section. The comment section can sometimes get a bad reputation because, yes, sometimes it is full of trolls and mean comments, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I have a great comment section. I am so fortunate to have a loyal audience of thoughtful people who stop by, watch my videos, and share their ideas with me.


Comments are so important for video and for getting started.

If you don’t have comments, you don’t have feedback. Or criticism. You also don’t have ways to learn or to get better.  Without comments, you'll never learn about what your audience wants from you.

YouTube comments are infamous for harsh comments, especially for the people who hide behind an avatar. When you have a YouTube channel, you have to accept the fact that troll comments are going to happen. I mean, it’s the Internet. The comment section can be a scary place, but there is a way to get around it.

When I got my first negative comment, I laughed. I was happy. It was a generic comment that meant nothing, but it was still negative. I believe that you aren’t really doing anything if you aren’t upsetting someone. Otherwise, you don’t stand for anything. Trolls stand for nothing, and I, on the other hand, have an important message to share.

You learn when you accept feedback seriously. Pushback can be difficult and is a terrible pill to swallow. Trust me, I know that all too well.  But, it’s a learning opportunity.

I try to lift people up. It's fun for me to make video and to respond back to you in the comment section. I want you to have just as fun when you're hanging out in my comment section too.

What is worse than the comment section…the scary, unpredictable comment section?

Never being seen at all.

Not showing up.

Not doing what you want to do because you’re afraid of what other people might say.

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If you're ready to be seen, you may need to have a serious come-to-Jesus moment with yourself. You’ll have to accept that your family and friends might think you’re cray-cray. You have to be okay knowing that there is a learning curve to making and editing video.

If you don’t even put in the effort, only one person is getting hurt. YOU!

When I made the decision to leave my job and my 401K, people had a hard time wrapping their head around my choice. People don’t get it. And that’s not their fault. It’s also not your responsibility to live a life for someone else.

It’s impossible to hold yourself to the standard of every other person on this planet. And, it’s unnecessary. Getting to the place where you don’t care about what people think – or where you care more about what YOU think – is bigger than continuing to do the same thing like everyone else.

If you want to complain about your life, go ahead.

If you want to spend your evening going to happy hour, go ahead.

If you want to take the advice of people who aren’t that important to you, go ahead.

If you want to stay stagnant in your life, go ahead.

I hold my life to my standard based on what I want and what I value.

No one will ever care as much about what you do that you. It’s not for anyone else but you.

Going after the life you want can be as fast as a video upload. And, that’s big. It’s important. It’s relevant.

Trying matters. When I started speaking, I wasn’t as good as I was when I spoke on CreativeLive. It doesn’t matter if speaking is your goal.

What is your goal? Are you going after your goals?

Have the courage to move past the barriers that stand in front of you. Do what it takes to gain the confidence to move past what is holding you back.






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