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The Secret Sauce That Keeps Me Motivated

By Amy Landino

Hello from another plane. I got upgraded to first class and there’s no better time to write a blog post than when you’re equipped with extra elbow room and a lack of wi-fi.

I’m leaving a talk I gave in Corpus Christi, Texas. It’s another quick trip but I did have some time to stay and watch the lunchtime keynote: Cheryl Knight who is Brand Director and one of the original 7 employees of Kendra Scott.

OMG so glad I discovered Kendra Scott candles! Their Signature scent reminds me of where Vin and I got married. Bonus happiness scent!

If you don’t know who Kendra Scott is, you’re not paying attention to the jewelry world. This company is growing quickly, not just because of its gorgeous and unique product line but because of their memorable brand and core values.

The Kendra Scott culture is all about Family, Fashion and Philanthropy. Cheryl shared these values with us and it was incredible to see how they play a role in the fast growth and increasing impact of the company.

One thing Cheryl mentioned is a comparison that her boss Kendra makes at the office when things are crazy (which is literally always) and imperfections and obstacles naturally pop up.

Kendra asks her team to envision an electric train. Can you just stop this train? No. It takes a very long time to get this fast-moving vehicle stopped. So when little things pop up that need fixing or could just be better, you gotta get creative. Because the train ain’t stoppin’.


It's such an important message. One I wanted to re-share here.

Nothing is ever going to be perfect. Ever. But if you can do something anyway—in the here and now—with the circumstances you have, you can at least keep the train moving. Continuing nonstop in a forward motion.

Doesn’t it sound amazing to be on a fast-moving electric train like Kendra Scott?

In thinking about this, it reminded me of the analogy I use often when I talk to people about what it’s like to follow your passion and feel supported by those around you.

Sure, it sounds amazing to be on that fast-moving train. You’re probably thinking that if you were, then you would just improvise when something less than perfect pops up too. Because all things considered, things would be awesome!

That’s just the thing. You are on that train. We all have our own track that it sits on and we’re moving forward no matter what. It never stops. It’s your life.

And it’s moving fast.

This train. This journey. This track. These are the things I think about when I need to get back into a motivated headspace.

My train is going anywhere I want it to go.

If someone I know doesn’t approve, it doesn’t matter. They have their own train and they can decide to be unsupportive or critical. I don’t have to do that. I don’t have to change my mind because of it.

On the same token, that person will totally want to jump their train for yours when they see the amazing things you’ve done on it. Conveniently ignoring all the hardships and rough starting points that you went through on your way. They certainly won’t pay any mind that you will still have many more of those obstacles to come!

You’ll just be the one fixing things as you go while they’re enjoying it from an outside perspective: their perception.

My motivation and drive have always been about proving myself. My own opinion matters the most so that’s who I have to please first. But I love to prove myself to the people who wouldn’t stand by me. The people who heckled me. The people who thought they were all that and never bothered to get to know me better.

That may not sound like it’s coming from positivity. But because my intentions in everything I do are from a good place, it has paid off big time.

Thanks, childhood bullies. Thanks, bosses at my first job. Thanks to the jerks. I don’t know where I would be without you. Truly.

That’s my secret sauce. Anytime I’m losing focus, I review my goals and dreams and then envision my train. The one that’s on those tracks, speeding along no matter what everyone thinks. No matter what other trains try to derail me along the way.

No matter what.

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