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How to Have a Successful Morning

By Amy Landino

One of my biggest missions in life is to create a brand so that I can have the life that I want. Not only do that I want that for myself, but I want it for you too.

The first thing you have to do is to hack productivity. How? The easiest way way to create a successful morning.

The biggest productivity hack is to master the mornings. Think about it, time is our great equalizer. We’re all given the same amount of hours in the day – it’s really just about how you spend those hours.

Here are 5 things you can do every morning to go after the success you want:

1.  Wake up earlier

The idea of getting up early is very popular right now, but you don’t need to join the 4 am club to have a successful morning. However, waking up just a little bit earlier than you do now can make a huge difference in your day.  Yes, you should get a good night’s sleep, but just waking up 15 minutes earlier means you’ll be less rushed in the morning and start your day off on a better note.

I can tell you from personal experience that you when you wake up and are productive before everyone else starts vying for your time, you’ll get so much more done.

2.  Create something by YOU

You could write, draw, vlog, blog, or anything else. By creating something first thing in the morning, the larger impact you’ll have. Getting into the habit of creation is an amazing way to start the day and push you just a little more toward your goals.

You don’t necessarily need to start something new; you could simply make creation more of a priority.

What would it mean to you to choose a route of creativity and production first thing in the morning? It’s about consistency. Showing up regularly means so much more than vanity metrics.

3.  Connect with 3 people

Reaching out to 3 people can make a huge impact in your network.  These could be people you just met or people you’ve known for a while. The more people you know, the better you’ll be. The bigger your network is, the higher the opportunity you have to be successful.

I use Highrise as my contact management system as a tool.  Using a tool like this makes sure that I’m keeping in contact with people I've met and providing value in every way I can. Reaching out in this way ensures that lines of communication are always open. I’ve also used Contactually, and I loved their service too.

When you make connections or help out in a way that makes someone’s life easier, you will be remembered.

4.  Restrict Email Checking

When you start reading email, you’re on someone else’s time. Create a time to check your email instead of letting email dictate how you spend your day.

I am a huge fan of calendar blocking. Calendar blocking is a simple and effective hack to make sure that I am making time for all of the different parts of my day: email, taking Lucy out, client work, etc.

[bctt tweet=”The most successful people decide what their day looks like from start to finish.” username=”Schmittastic”]

I block out a specific time to check and respond to emails, making sure that I’m going through email on my time instead of email running my day.

5.  Brainstorm Around Brand Awareness

You can create video by social or blog posts, but the most important thing you can do is to retain your network. Algorithms change constantly. No one can count on Facebook likes like they used to, and there’s no way to know what is going to happen to YouTube (or any other platform) in the next few years.

My email list is so much more important than vanity numbers on YouTube or Twitter. It’s one of the most important assets I have. That’s why I take the time to cultivate the relationship with the people on my email list.

One way that I built my relationship with my current email subscribers and with new subscribers is through my 1,000 vlog ideas list. I woke up early every day for 2 weeks to work on this project – a productive and creative way to start my morning. Once the PDF was ready, I gave it away for free.

Why? Because I wanted to continue building my relationships, giving people value and a reason to keep people coming back to my website.

I highly recommend using Aweber for your email list. Not only have I been using them since the beginning of Savvy Sexy Social, but I completely trust them as the tool to use to stay in contact with people who have affirmatively said that they want to hear from me. My email list with Aweber is much more reliable than a social algorithm that can will change.

If you say consistent with these 5 ideas, the chances of you having a successful morning are going to increase drastically. And then you’ll be well on your way to creating the life that you want.

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