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My Advice for Selling Products with Video

By Amy Landino

The Aftermarq team and I went to Chicago for an awesome client event, SAP’s series called #LifeAt. Traveling, vlogging around a new city, and showing you what we do on a regular basis is one of the greatest parts of my job. Not only do I love traveling, but I get to share my life with you in a way that shows you how I run my businesses. It’s seriously the best of all worlds!


Back at Savvy Sexy Social HQ, I jump on a podcast interview. (Podcast? Whaaa? Did you know I have my own podcast? Listen to the latest episode!) I spend most of the interview talking about selling products with video, which is a really important strategy.

Selling Products With Video

Selling products with video is a great idea (obvs!) but often times there is a disconnect between content and the product.

The consumer has to know the product exists before they are going to watch a tutorial of the product. Right? That makes sense.

A viewer searching for a new camera might not watch your video detailing the specifics of the new top-of-the-line camera that’s on the shelf, but they will watch a “Top 5 Tips for Beginner Photographers.” You should have the camera play a role in the video that actually teaches the viewer something, rather than trying to sell to them directly.

[bctt tweet=”Your product should play a role in your video, not *be* the video. #vloglikeaboss” username=”Schmittastic”]

Selling Products With Video in Email Marketing

Sales can come from social, but more sales will come from email marketing. How are you getting people to watch the video? After they watch, are they signing up for your email list? Once they are on the list, you have a more intimate place to reach them that isn’t reliant on an arbitrary social algorithm. Plus, through email, you can let them know about sales, new products, and events happening within your business.

Content makes you the thought leader; it’s then your job to remain as the thought leader on what they should do next. Tell them how they can continue learning from you.

More travels?

I’m in Columbus for a few weeks before the wedding, and then I’m off for more business travel. I have a lot of speaking engagements coming up. If you’re in a city nearby, maybe we could do a meetup! You can always keep up with me by checking out my events page.

On another note, Vincenzo got sand in the gimbal of his drone. Of course, I vlogged about it!




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