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The Only Camera Gear You Need

By Amy Landino

Oh, camera gear. I know that gear can be overwhelming and feel like a barrier to making video. There are a lot of misconceptions around gear, and the biggest one is that in order to start making video, you have to go buy all of this complex (and expensive!) gear just to get started.

You absolutely do not have to buy any new gear to start making video.

Let me say it again, you don’t need any fancy gear to make video.

You simply need your smartphone…which I’m guessing you’re either holding in your hand right now or it’s within arms reach. #AmIRight

Smartphones come standard with an amazing, functional camera that is perfect for the average user (you!). At this point, there’s no need to waste your time, effort, and dollars learning to use a clunky, complex camera when you have something simple and effective with you everywhere you go.

In fact, I filmed this whole video using my smartphone, the iPhone 7 Plus. Straight out of the box it came with the best camera technology on the market, and while this isn’t my main vlogging camera, it’s ideal to have when I’m traveling or when I need to make a quick video while I’m at home in Columbus.

Let’s break down the advantages and disadvantages of using a smartphone to make video

Smartphone Advantages

  • Great travel option – it’s small, fits (sort of) in your back pocket, and it’s going with you anyways.
  • You can publish immediately. You can either publish to multiple social networks or directly upload to YouTube straight from your phone. Or, you can choose to edit your videos directly on your phone from apps.
  • You can enhance your video using one or two accessories. (I highly recommend getting the Rode Smartlav Plus to reduce echo or the wind to a minimum.)

Smartphone Disadvantages

  • Smartphone storage is limited. There are only so many videos, pictures, apps, podcasts, and assets that your phone can hold.
  • Notification interruptions are the worst! It’s really distracting to stop production because someone sent you a text message while you were in the middle of filming. Just so you know, you can turn on Airplane Mode or Do Not Disturb to limit these notifications while filming. Just kind of a pain to have to remember that.
  • Transferring files to desktop using wires can be annoying, but if you’re a more advanced editor, you probably want to use more sophisticated software. I prefer to have my files on an SD card to make it easier to get my video onto desktop to use the editing software I prefer.

If you haven’t gotten started yet and still feel like you need the “right equipment” in order to be motivated to make video, you are just making excuses. Using your smartphone is the perfect equipment solution. With your smartphone, you can start making video today.

If you have reached the point in your content journey where you think that you could be working faster if you had different equipment (camera, mic, etc.), then maybe it is time for you to upgrade.

All of the equipment I recommend will always be updated on my Shop page – there are links to the smartphone microphone and other accessories that will make shooting video with your smartphone even more fun.

The more content you create, the bigger impact you have. And, with your smartphone, you can vlog anywhere.


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