By Amy Landino

We've officially reached the end of the first quarter and Spring is here. March was a super fun month and these are some of my favorite things that made it even better.


BeatsX Bluetooth Headphones:

I'm not sure why it took me so long to get on the bluetooth headphone bandwagon, but I'm SO glad I'm on it now. These are BeatsX have been fantastic as well. I love the sound cancellation and how well they stay in my ears. I'm not afraid to lose them and they charge very quickly. Definitely a life changing piece of tech in my life this month!

Skyroam Global Wifi Hotspot: (15% off with CONNECTED15 at checkout!)

I'm in constant need to stay connected to run my business, no matter where I go. Skyroam is a global wifi hotspot that you can take anywhere and use whenever you need it (instead of paying for it constantly!) It's not going to be your best video upload source, but it will be great for staying in touch on emails and Instagram. Thank you to Skyroam for sharing this device with me to try for free for 30 days. I'm definitely keeping this one for my travels! [SPONSORED]

Zara Peekaboo Dress:

This dress was such a great find for my Phoenix speaking engagement. It gives off the vibe I love to share when I speak: professional but fun. I always wear something the comes below the knees (especially when you're going to be on a stage that's higher than where people are sitting) but the peekaboo shoulders were a great piece of flair. Zara really came through for me on this affordable, totally-wearing-it-again-and-again dress.

Zara Trench Coat:

Okay. Zara might be my new obsession. Just when I thought the dress was enough, they had a trench coat I've been dying to find for myself. Something short and light for Spring that looks like an outfit all by itself. Love it.

The Happiness Project One Sentence Journal:

I love this journal. My bestie Jesse bought it for me for Christmas and it has been such a great way to reflect every single day. You write just one sentence each night to sum up your day and this book will hold a 5 year record of your life! So excited to fill this thing up since I've already kept up with it every day since January 1. A great gift idea.

Adidas Superstars:

I am so pleased to see these shoes are making a comeback. I was completely obsessed with Adidas and my pair of Superstars growing up in high school. These have been the greatest travel companion, especially since it's such a trend to wear them with everything from ankle pants to dresses. Huge win for comfort!


What were your favorite things in March? Share in a comment below!

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