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I’m a questioner.

By Amy Landino

I'm a questioner.

I question pretty much everything. I assume everything is too good to be true and I vet everything before it affects me in some way. I immediately make a discouraging face when I hear something I'm going to question and then I question it.

I at least wish I could stop making the face. Let's just say Vincenzo isn't a fan of the face or the questions.

I first gave my personality type a name by taking Gretchen Rubin's quiz. It labeled me exactly a questioner. Versus the other personality types of Obliger, Upholder and Rebel. After I took that quiz, everything about me and the people around me started to make so much sense.

I wanted people I knew to take the quiz so that they not only had that self-discovery for themselves, but could allow me the ability to understand them better. This led me to now know that I am a questioner who's surrounded herself with obligers. Not just any obligers. Obligers who are questioning their obliging.

It's very easy to say that you're probably half one thing and half another. It's easy to say that when you're not quite coming to terms with your personality type. But I'm not one of those people. I know I'm a questioner through and through. Even if I lean toward obliging in the cases of some people, I'm questioning them while I do it. Usually out loud.

I have an opinion on why I became a questioner, but I won't write that today. The key thing here is that I know and do not push back on what I know I am.

In my opinion, the struggle people have with themselves is that they are not accepting of who they are and what they're really like. We're all trying to fix ourselves and be something else all the time. Even if we claim we want to do it our way and “do me.”

I won't say I'm not a perfectionist always working toward a little bit better, but I'm not fighting who I am at all. I would love to believe everything someone is saying to me when they say it, but it's just not in my personality to do that. You're going to have to prove it to me first.

Understanding this about myself is what I believe has become an advantage in a lot of ways. You are immediately successful, when you stop fighting against who you are and start working with it. I'm not telling myself I would be better off as an upholder and to try to be that instead because I know I could never be that. I could only show characteristics of that at certain times, all the while never abandoning who I am.

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Accepting who you are is such an enormous task, but it's the biggest thing I've done in my life to actually feel happy and fulfilled in any way. The first step is discovering it for yourself. The coolest step is actually doing things your way, knowing who you are and how you want to feel in your life.

Who are you?

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