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I Made Him a Music Video

By Amy Landino

If you've been following along for any time at all, you know that Vincenzo and I were engaged.  After Vin proposed, we loved staying quiet on social media for a few days.  It made everything a little more special.  We wanted to celebrate with our families and with each other.  As the wedding approached, everyone kept asking if they were going to get to see the wedding, and I coyly hinted that there would be a video.

Here it is..this is what you’ve been waiting for: THE WEDDING VIDEO!


The weekend was incredible, and let me tell you now, we did it right!  I hope you were following me on Instagram to see all the fun we had.

Before we even left, Vincenzo totally trumped me and got me an early wedding gift, the Beats Solo 3. These are serious headphones! And he got the rose gold. #Keeper

I got on a plane the Thursday before Labor Day and flew to Vegas with my maid of honor, Sara. She went above and beyond to make this weekend as amazing and as stress-free as possible. She started by getting me a limo. How cool!

Our room and the view were incredible. Vegas is such a great city!

What’s better than a great city is getting my fiancé husband an awesome gift. Check out the look on his face when he sees it.

But you aren’t here to see us exchange gifts or watch me get my hair done. Are you?  I didn't think so.

You’re here to see the wedding – from our lovely first-look to signing our marriage certificate, and everything in between.

But…wait for it…there’s a surprise!

I made Vin a music video to celebrate our wedding. He had no idea I was working with Aftermarq’s cinematographer Blake Guidry to get it right.  That's right – GaryVee isn't the only man I made music videos for.  I wanted to surprise him at the reception, and I did.  He had no idea this was coming!

Thank you to everyone who made this weekend and our wedding incredible. I couldn't be happier.

And, of course, a big shout out to Shy McGrath for producing our ceremony video.





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