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How To Be Expressive On Camera

By Amy Landino

August is such a great month at Savvy Sexy Social because of VEDA – vlog every day in August.  Weeks before August 1, I start getting emails and tweets asking about the sign-up and if it's happening this year.  Yes!  It's happening!  I went to Twitter and put out a call for questions to make sure everyone is ready.

I called this #AskSSS. Clever, right?

These are amazing questions, and hopefully these answers will ease any concerns you have about being on camera or hitting publish.


Answer: Make a video. Everyday. That’s it. Consistency is a huge problem for so many people. This month, do it every day. Don’t give up. Even if you miss a day, keep going. Show up.

You have to make the time to make this happen, so schedule it in. Otherwise, it just won’t happen. You can make your own rules.


Answer: I don’t think it matters what the momentum is because there are about 48 hours on YouTube when a video is getting is bearing on the scale of (1) same as usual, (2) better, or (3) worse. YouTube needs a few days to work out these analytics and in that time you need to prove that this video is great.

I like to wait a few days to post again. If the video is performing well, let it have the glory. If the video is trending, take the time to create something off the back of this great video.  This gives you a place to send the new people who might want more.  This is a great change for your editorial calendar, so be prepared for that.

If the video isn’t performing well and needs more attention, you should find new ways to promote it and market the video.


Answer: Just because you don’t think your personality isn’t video-ready doesn’t mean that is the truth. It probably means that you’re judging yourself too much instead of thinking about for whom you are making video.

Instead of thinking about how you can be more expressive, just look at the camera’s lens like it's a person. Know that person. Know what they are going through. If that person were sitting in front of you, speak to them as you would if it you were actually speaking to a real person.


Answer: The reason Snapchat became successful is that it made jump cuts available to the average user without video editing software. Because you can only record 10-second clips, every time there’s a new clip, you’re forced to re-correct attention.

I love promoting my content on Instagram, and I love Twitter because it’s the OG of real-time conversations. People talk back to you on Twitter, and it’s different than the conversations you have on Facebook.

You should choose where you’re going to be really good and stick with it. Invest in those networks through conversations.


Answer: My biggest vlog achievement is figuring out how to do it in a way that I can communicate who I am and what I stand for. I left my full-time job in 2010 to go after the life I want, which is huge! Being able to stand on my own two feet and continuing to build off of what I already have is probably my greatest accomplishment so far.


Answer: Christina is talking about my bucketing strategy I talk about Vlog Like a Boss. SSSVEDA is for people who are not used to posting on a regular basis and for those who aren’t yet talking to the camera like it’s a real person. They are practicing this skill, which may or may not come before you have a bucketing strategy.

If you’re just getting used to talking to the camera, just use the editorial calendar I created for you.

Personally, I’m taking a different route to SSSVEDA because of my up-coming wedding, so I’m going to stick with my usual bucket strategy and create what-am-I-up-to vlogs.


Answer: I think that in order to grow a YouTube channel, you don’t need as much of the fancy stuff as you might think. Surprised by my answer?

You do need great content to keep attention.

Remember that someone is looking at your thumbnail in order to decide what to watch. As long as you were truthful about what your video is about, you’re going to keep attention.

You can make things more interesting with b-roll and jump cuts, but they aren’t totally necessary.

You do, however, have to be visually compelling to make video work on Facebook.


Answer: When I had a PC in 2007, I used Windows Movie Maker, but I have a Mac now.  Windows Movie Maker is still a great option or you could use Adobe Spark or use an app on your phone.



Answer: YES! Get ahead of schedule as much as possible. There aren’t any rules, except one: post every single day! You’re still practicing talking to the person behind the lens, which is the whole point.

Make your own rules. Be consistent, even if that means batch recording.


You can still participate. You haven’t missed anything. Simply sign up here and start vlogging!

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