How I Plan My Videos | Amy Landino

How I Plan My Videos

By Amy Landino

Jumping into vlogging is absolutely encouraged. However, if you're serious about this medium of content then you need to have a plan. I wrote a whole book about it, but this video will give you the “Cliff's Notes” on how I plan my videos.

How I Plan My Videos:

  1. Map out a month ahead of time. It doesn't matter how often I'm actually planning to publish. This is a good period of time to review to ensure diverse content to keep the audience entertained. If you don't give yourself a birds eye view from this perspective, you risk talking about too much of the same thing all the time. This equals a boring audience.
  2. Review all recent questions and inquiries from my community. Anytime you can leverage what people are asking you about, you give yourself a chance to be relevant in people's life with your videos. Which is basically the WHOLE point of this. So yeah. Do that.
  3. Put all ideas into content buckets. These buckets are essentially themes that help me make sure that I am getting that variety of content that is going to contribute to my thought leadership. It's SO much nicer to come up with a topic within a scheduled theme rather than having a completely blank slate for every video you create.
  4. Use the buckets to lay out the content calendar for the month, changing it up as needed or outlined in your strategy. Each topic that hits the calendar will now be much more strategic and sensible for your publishing schedule.
  5. Get the videos done!
  6. Use Tubebuddy to map out the titles and additional copy for each video. This allows the videos to be discoverable on YouTube thanks to search and recommended content. More details on this piece can be found in another recent video, My Video Upload Routine.


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