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Healthy Habits I Love to Hate

By Amy Landino

We are only 51 days into the year and it has been epic already. With the launch of the book and the daily January vlogging, there has been a lot of celebrating.

Amongst all those things, I wish I could say I was the responsible one who ate healthily to keep my energy up and get the most out of every day. But I just didn't. With people visiting and so many opportunities to show Vincenzo around the city I love, it was far too easy to just eat whatevs.

I've been feeling it. Productivity is still fairly high but could be better. I sleep well but have a harder time waking up. It's time to get back to the way I love to feel.

Vincenzo and I tried Whole 30 for the first time last year and we loved it. So in an effort to make it an annual thing, we're kicking it into gear today. This got me thinking about the healthy habits we do that I love… to hate.

Whole 30

It's easy to hate Whole 30 because most of the foods you've been familiar with as a human are taken away from you. All natural, raw food or it's not food at all. The biggest mindset shift for me on this is not eating bread. Since the first time I participated in Whole 30 I realized how much I don't have to rely on bread, but I still want it. What I love about this challenge and the reason I'm excited to start it back up today is how it makes me feel to stay completely away from dairy and wheat. Those two things alone affect so much of how my body feels. So even though I miss cheese and baguette, I'm also super pumped to not be eating it.

The biggest reason I hate doing Whole 30 is that it's difficult for me to make time to cook, something I'm not very good at. I've gotten much better as an adult. But I've been known to get into a hyper routine around the same meals, just because it's easiest. That said, I love to hate Whole 30 because I know I'm going to feel amazing every day when I attack the obstacles ahead of me. That makes it worth it.


My first half marathon medal, 2009. Photo: Lee Hwang

Vincenzo absolutely detests how much of a cardio bunny I am. But, I've come a long way. I've never been a very good gym rat and it took me a lot of trying in my 20s to finally develop a habit of working out. The biggest shift for me was in 2008 when I decided to stop feeling crummy and in a rut by running my first half marathon. What I liked about it was that there was a clear plan ahead of me. If you didn't run the miles assigned to you daily to work your way up to 13.1 then you just weren't going to be able to run it on the day of the race. When I achieved that, I started feeling like I could control how I feel and what I want for the first time. It was incredible.

But it caused me to become a bit of a treadmill hugger at the gym. It's the only thing I really know. And yes, I know the treadmill is AWFUL for your body and I do change it up. But, because I hate the fact that I have to work out every day in the first place, I do the things that make me feel the most comfortable yet also feel like progress.

I hate doing cardio, but what I love about it is that I can hop around on a machine and have my phone playing YouTube videos for me in the meanwhile. Something I don't have as much time for anymore.

Taking A Walk

This is going to sound crazy, but as much as walking away from the computer is a great thing and helps me keep my body moving throughout the day, it's a huge pain in the butt.

First, I have to plan this or it won't happen. If I have too much going on, it doesn't make it to the calendar.

Second, I literally can't justify taking a walk without my dog Lucy because you should always take your dog on the walk with you. Lucy makes this more difficult, however, as a blind and almost deaf senior dog citizen. It's not a walk for me. It's 3 steps forward, stop. 3 steps backward, stop. We have to go to the park to do any reasonable walking so she doesn't have to figure out which way is straight on the sidewalk.

I know that sounds awful but it's literally the reason why I love to hate taking a walk. It's lovely when you get outside and have the moment, but I hate it because it's so difficult to actually make happen. I feel like I don't appreciate it as much.


What healthy habit do you appreciate but love to hate at the same time? Share in the comments!

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  • AnjaSkrba1

    Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day – that’s a healthy habit I love to hate.

    Reasons: not being able to a.look like a normal person because I literally have to take the whole glass all at once and b.can’t have a decent 15min conversation without saying ‘excuse me where’s the bathroom here?’

  • schmittastic

    AnjaSkrba1 LOL omg I couldn’t agree more! Such a good point. Water. So good but such a pain.

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