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I Haven’t Made a Decision Like This in a Long Time

By Amy Landino

Memorial Day Weekend. Filled with grilled food and children playing. Mine probably sounds a lot like yours.

The time with my family was just like any other holiday together. My sister always sharing some random memories of our childhood (I'm pretty sure she makes most of it up… otherwise I just completely ejected our upbringing from my brain,) my dad trying to convince me to come to the pool to swim, and hunger pangs waiting for food to finally be served 2 hours after it was promised.

I love it.

These occasions happen all the time and I'm always thrilled to take the day with family for a little less time in the office. This Memorial Day I worked on a client project for my company Aftermarq until 2pm and then we headed over to Mom and Dad's for the festivities.

This is typical practice for me. Fit in the free time when I can. Fit in family when it works out.

One of the things I most looked forward to when I started working for myself full-time in 2011 was the fact that I could decide to do this whenever I wanted. Not having to worry about whether a boss approved of it 2-weeks ahead of time.

I can take the afternoon. I can take the day. I can take the week.

Hell. I can take a vacation.

It's not very often that I actually take advantage of my business ownership perks. I love what I do and it keeps me busy and fulfilled. Genuinely.

But upon coming back home from a business trip last week, I was exhausted. I started thinking about how I've been feeling lately. So tired and busy. I've been talking about 2017 like it's already over and it's May! We have multiple trips or events planned every month for the rest of the year such as speaking engagements, client business trips, family visits, our wedding and the parties around it. So. Much. Awesome.

Our honeymoon is planned for January of next year because that's the earliest we've been able to fit it in. I finally started to wrap my mind around that while on this plane ride home and thought “is that going to be the next time I get to just take a break?”

It suddenly became an overwhelming feeling. A tired feeling. Then I thought “when was the last time I took a vacation?”

I guess you could count last June after I spoke in Scotland since we went to my sister's wedding on the beach in North Carolina. But that was like 3 days before Vin and I were off to another destination again, making videos and checking email like usual.

That was around my birthday last year. “My birthday is coming up in a couple weeks,” I thought.

When I looked at my calendar, I realized that I marked some time off around my birthday this year and if I just marked… a liiiiiiiittle more… I'd have 2 weeks of vacation.

I started to feel relief. Especially after considering how desperately I need it.

I haven't taken a real vacation in at least a few years. I can't even name the one I took, but let's pretend like I did. I'm always checking email, making videos, etc. no matter what “time off” I've given myself.

I launched a book at the beginning of the year and haven't stopped since. It's been amazing and this experience is something I would never trade, but I never really stopped to take it in because I've simply continued to move on to the next thing.

If I'm thinking about the life I want and going after it, I'm pretty sure the plan would be to have some “me time.” Like for real for real. Why haven't I really done that?

So I've made a tough decision that is getting easier by the day. I'm taking a vacation.

There. I said it. Here. That feels good.

I haven't made a decision like this in a long time, if I have at all in my career since leaving my full-time corporate gig. It may sound like an easy one—and this time, it might have been more than usual since I could easily clear the calendar—but it's not quite as much as you think.

No matter what, I have to remember to do this for myself on a regular basis. I don't work a 9-5. I work a 5am-omg is it time for bed?

I love my job, but no matter how much passion you have for what you do, sometimes you gotta remember it's still your job.

What am I looking forward to most? A brain reset.

Those moments of ah-ha! just for letting myself get our of my usual hamster wheel and let ideas come. Even the things I do to stimulate creativity on the usual work flow can get stale if I don't change it up. This should help with that. And that is exciting to me.

So why am I writing this here? Well, where else would I put it? But I really wanted to explain a bit to you because this feels like a big deal to Savvy Sexy Social.

I don't think I've ever taken 2 weeks off of making videos. Ever. And I intend to.

Today I am going to go live on the channel to talk about why this was the Best May Ever! Our usual end-of-month recap series in 2017. Then, I want to do a video-submission Q&A next week before I turn down the lights and go dark to my subscribers. Just until the week of June 19th.

I hope you'll miss me, but understand. A girl's gotta get some more beauty sleep and I'll be happy to be living it up on a staycation to make that happen.

See ya later, Final Cut Pro. Hello, House of Cards.

Thank you for making this job so much fun that I forgot to take a vacation. I've come to my senses so I can give you even more reasons to stay tuned to this corner of the Internet.



When was your last vacation that you really felt a reset on? Where did you go (or not go) and what did you do (or not do)?

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  • Amber Monaco

    I took a few days off at the end of April to go scuba diving in Costa Rica. Then, in May, I tried to take a vacation to go camping in Austin, TX, but I still needed to work 3-6 hours a day. It’s better for me to compartmentalize instead of trying to both work and be on holiday. Enjoy your two weeks.

  • Jed

    Get your break on Amy!

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