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What I Can’t Believe I’m Doing Next Month

By Amy Landino


Post-vacation life has picked right back up to the speed at which things were happening before vacation: fast! When I’m not traveling, I’m still super busy. I have the podcast, I’m recording webinars with Aweber, and, as you probably know, I am an active member of my community.

No matter what though, I still love talking to your directly.

I had a conversation with Creative Live, a teaching platform that educates people on all things creative using live video. Creative Live is truly a pioneer in the live video space, and I’m so humbled and honored that they contacted me. They have everyone from entrepreneurs to photographers to people in the personal development space (and everyone in between) give training in their industry.

(Side note: I talk about Creative Live very briefly in my book.)

Creative Live has invited me to host a class called HOW TO VLOG LIKE A BOSS! I’ve talked to the team and producer who are helping me prepare for this kind high-end production with incredible equipment and an in-studio audience.

This is huge. HUGE! Like, bucket list huge!

It’s all happening on July 18. I will have guest presenters on stage with me because it’s a WHOLE day. A whole day of teaching. I’ll be talking about strategy and editing and so much more. I am potentially Skyping in a big YouTuber and inviting people from the Aftermarq team. I do these things for YOU.

[bctt tweet=”I'm joining @Schmittastic on July 18 for her @CreativeLive class. #vloglikeaboss http://bit.ly/2s4mzph” username=”Schmittastic”]


You are the reason that I continue to make video. I can’t thank you enough for your support, especially after my two-week vacation. I feel inspired and reenergized after what was a big start to 2017. While I do have 1:1 coaching if you’re ready to uplevel your business, I am still committed to showing up to help you as much as I can. I read your comments. I pay attention to your questions. Know that I’m want to help you go after the life you want every day.

I hope that you’ll RSVP for my Creative Live class. It's going to be amazing.

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