On Top of The World

This is a very special episode of Savvy Sexy Social. I've turned over the reins to the newest member of the Aftermarq team, Blake Guidry. Thank goodness he was there because as you will see, [...]

The Only Camera Gear You Need

Oh, camera gear. I know that gear can be overwhelming and feel like a barrier to making video. There are a lot of misconceptions around gear, and the biggest one is that in order to start making [...]

How I Plan My Videos

Jumping into vlogging is absolutely encouraged. However, if you're serious about this medium of content then you need to have a plan. I wrote a whole book about it, but this video will give you [...]


At a speaking engagement this week, I was reminded of how cool it is to actually impact someone with the value you've set out to offer the world. Sometimes I forget it's a real thing until [...]


I often hear people grapple with what exactly needs to be in their videos in 2017. Should it be a little more content like tutorials or answers to questions? Or should it be a lot of personality? [...]

#SSSVEDApril 2017 IS HERE!

It's that time again. Time for you to get your vlog on. We are taking the #SSSVEDA challenge which means uploading a video every day in April! Can you do it? Of course you can! Find out how and [...]

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