Boss Life Action Plan: Reverse Engineer Your Path to Success | Amy Landino

Boss Life Action Plan: Reverse Engineer Your Path to Success

By Amy Landino

When you wish upon a star… okay come on you can't possibly think that's real right?

Wishing for something to happen is not the same thing as making it happen. You know it. I know it. So what are we still doing sitting here?

In a video I created called HOW TO GET ACTIVATED AND REACH YOUR GOALS, I walk through the simple steps I've taken to seek out my path to success for the thing I want in life.

If you're going to go after the life you want, you gotta map out whatever steps you can to make it happen. And then ACTUALLY do them.

Check out the video:

Okay so now you know what you gotta do. Time to do it! Whether you love to write in your bullet journal, crave a good white board brainstorm or want a little extra help with my worksheet, it's time to get to work.

Here's a quick peek at the action plan. But you can get your copy to download for free that is high-res goeeeeegeous when you print it out. Remember: hand writing your plan is a big help when you need to get your ideas out of your head.

Get your copy of my Boss Life Action Plan with the link below. If you sign up with the form, you'll be added to my weekly Boss Notes newsletter for even more motivational tips and tricks to go after the life that you want!


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