3 Tips to Help Your Travel Healthier (featuring my trainer!) | Amy Landino

3 Tips to Help Your Travel Healthier (featuring my trainer!)

By Amy Landino

If you're brand new, I travel. A LOT. If you've been around, you're tired of me talking about how much I travel. Sorry! But let's talk about something really important to consider. Health. When you're on the go all the time, it can kinda be a crapshoot of how healthy you maintain. Especially when you're working and running around and just trying to make things happen, much less trying to fit in a trip to the gym. That's why Vincenzo and I have been getting more focused with a trainer, Mitch Fraker. And I invited him on the show today to talk about healthy habits when you're living on a airplane like we are.

Healthy Travel Habits | 3 Quick Tips:

  1. Meal Prep. Give yourself the chance to survive varying food by prepping food before you go. It might be more feasible for shorter trips, but try it either way if you can.
  2. Watch your airport eats. You don't have to get the extra creamers with your coffee or the M&Ms at the gift shop. Grab a banana and a bottle of water. Trail mix for the win.
  3. Interval training. Do what you can to work out. Increase your heart rate and then bringing it back down, over and over. You'll accomplish a lot more in a short amount of time. Or just try getting outside if you can!

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