3 Keys to Growing Your Business (Even If You Don't Seem to Have Time) | Amy Landino

3 Keys to Growing Your Business (Even If You Don’t Seem to Have Time)

By Amy Landino

Time: Our most precious commodity. How we use it is critical. I often hear from the #GoodVibesTribe that spending time on a business that's not taking off just yet is hard to do when there are so many other things.

A full-time job to report to. Kids and all their activities. Clients already taking their fair share.

So what do you spend your time on when you're being pulled in so many different directions? What is going to make the biggest difference when every moment counts? In my experience of owning a business for 6 years full-time and side-hustling for a year and half before that, it's about having focus to do the things that are going to move the needle that will help you succeed more efficiently. Allowing new and interesting tactics to come up and analyzing them for whether they are allowed to be a part of your process. But always staying on track with what works based on what you've defined in your area of focus.

These are the 3 things that I have found to be the secret to growing a business. Even when it feels like I don't have time, I always find a way to make these work or integrate them in my every day practices. In turn, my business grows through word of mouth referrals and online search awareness.

Welcome to a new series on Savvy Sexy Social called “Boss Status” powered by AWeber. These videos are all about ways connecting with people will position your brand higher and make your business more successful.

3 C's of Business Growth | The Secret to Growing Your Business (When You Don't Seem to Have Time)


At the end of the day, the only way to grow a business is to know and connect with more people. This is why social media and the online world are such a hot topic for more than a decade. But what people don't actually stop to think about is what it actually means to connect with people.

When it feels like you don't have time, you can always do this. We talk to people in our every day life. We chat online. We get emails from people. Someone always wants something. Have you stopped to think about actually trying to help with with what that thing is?

I know that my network only grows faster and more impactfully when I get to have the opportunity of helping someone. Especially when I can connect people. If someone is reaching out to ask about something I do, that's great because that's a sale I can convert. But if someone is reaching out to me about something I don't do, that's just as amazing of an opportunity. I can now introduce them to someone I know and help them achieve what they were hoping for. This positions me as someone they can rely on, a connector. And when people meet because of me, they remember that and that continues to spread my name.

Great example of this was when I spoke at a conference last year and met an attendee who was a fan of my work and found me through someone else's podcast. They were a HUGE fan of that podcast and were hoping to someday get on it. So, I made it happen. I immediately recorded a video for the podcaster on my phone introducing him to the attendee and saying “you gotta get this guy on.” And then it happened. I lent my recommendation and helped two people do great work. They will now remember me for that.

This is something you can do no matter how little time you have. Just sending a quick email introduction or creating a group text to bring people together is a massive display of how well connected you are. Being well-connected IS the beginning to having a successful business.


You may be great a what you do. You may be the top in your industry. You may have the best product in the world. If no one knows about it, it doesn't matter. You truly are not going to be the best.

Content marketing matters. Blogging. Vlogging. Posting little pieces of information around the Internet like the breadcrumbs to your gingerbread house of a website are a critical component of being discovered. Period.

It's extremely easy to say you don't have time for this. I get it. Why share the milk when they haven't bought the cow? I'll tell you why. Because if you're hoping to make money on milk when no one knows the cow exists, you're in trouble.

You must must must let the world know what you're capable of. And although creating content sounds like free work, it's not. It might be the only marketing department you ever need.

So get focused on what you can share online that is useful for your customer based on where they are in this moment. They may not know what you do or how to hire you, but what are they dealing with at this moment that you can help with? Get on their radar. Give them something to absorb and therefore start to build a relationship with you.

If you come up with just one thing and stay consistent with it for your content marketing plan, you will be so much further ahead than your competitors who are still saying they don't have time to market their business. Don't be that guy. I chose one thing when I started: a show on YouTube. I leverage social to promote it, but I didn't choose a million different content strategies. I did one, consistently, and owned it before I branched into anything else. I wanted to be the best at that first so an unknown social media marketer in the midwest would be discovered.

Create content so you can give people a tool to easily create word of mouth for you.

Customer Service

Your best customer is the one that comes back. They had a good experience with you and they want more. Even better when that experience spreads to their network and they recommend you. There's no better way to ensure this than good customer service.

Go above and beyond what they asked for. Make them feel like they couldn't have chosen a better person to work with. That impression will be one of your strongest marketing tactics for a lifetime of business.

What if you don't have any customers yet? No problem. Similar to what I say about Loyalty Treatment in videos (Treat viewers like they are already loyal and they will be. Stop introducing yourself at the beginning of a video and pretend like whoever clicked ‘play' has been watching you for years.) so the same with people who you wish were your customers.

Offer assistance with what you do even if they haven't asked for it. Find opportunities to show off your skillset if you think it's going to be tough to get them to buy into something they're not sure about. Plenty of big marketing leaders reach out to me for video help but are unsure that they even want to pay for it. When I take a stab at something for them just because and don't charge them, guess what happens? They love it. And then they want to work with me.

When you show people how you take care of them, they trust you. So have the best customer service even when you're working on building your actual customer base.


These are my 3 C's of business success that I believe you should focus on, if nothing else. Lack of time is everyone's excuse. Don't let your excuses get in the way of your dreams.

What would you recommend as a massively important thing to focus on to grow your business when time is hard to come by? Leave a comment below!

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