Surprise! We moved! Empty Apartment Tour | #VLOGMAS 24

Big news!  This is the last video you’ll watch from this apartment.  I know – I’ve been keeping it a secret, but I can’t hold it in any longer!  In fact, by the time you see this video, it’ll have already happened: we moved!

We moved!

Vincenzo and I are moving, and honestly, I’m sitting in a mostly empty apartment right now.  I wanted to make my last videos of the year in this apartment, which was really special to me.  I moved into this apartment 2 years ago during a time of change in my life, and I was so excited for the future. It’s bittersweet to be leaving, but this is exactly what my husband and I need right now.

We’re not going far.  We’re not leaving Columbus – in fact, we’re staying in this building.  I love living here, but we have no space right now.  Lucy has been bumping into everything lately – she needs more space too.  We waited for a 2 bedroom to open up and jumped on it!

Moving can be really important in your life - sometimes you are moving because of a big change and other times because it's what's best for you and your husband. #WorthIt Click To Tweet

We have awesome views.  I am using the 2nd bedroom as my office and Vlog Boss Studios Headquarters, and Vin and I will have more space.  Did I mention the extra space?  I am so excited.

I made a tour video for you to see what it looks like before we move in and the unpacking chaos begins. 

Even though change is happening and the views outside our windows are different, amazing things are coming.  I can’t wait to start filming from my new office and continuing to bring you value and inspiration in the New Year.  I can’t wait to see what this year is going to bring for our businesses and for our relationship.

Continue to go after the life you want – see you in 2018!