Top 10 Most Popular Videos Of 2017 | #VLOGMAS 23

Oh, this is one of my favorite videos to make each year!  It’s time to reveal the top 10 most popular videos of 2017.


I checked my YouTube Analytics to find out which videos were performing the best this year.  If you’re not familiar with your YouTube analytics, check out THIS VIDEO where I show you exactly how I analyze the backend analytics.

Here are the top 10 most popular videos from 2017:

10.  Daily Vlogging Tips: How to Vlog Every Day

It’s all about getting more familiar with being on camera and creating a daily habit to help you improve your craft.

9.  The Only Camera Gear You Need

You have a mini computer sitting in your hand right now – or it’s at least within arms reach.  Use that device to start making video.  It’s all you need.  Seriously.

8.  How I Plan My Month: Bullet Journal Method

I show you exactly how I set up my bullet journal and walk you through all of my planning methods each month.

7.  Why No One Knows You Yet & How To Change That

Create a habit of giving without receiving anything in return.  It might sound crazy, but this strategy really works when you are building relationships.  And, just to be clear, you’re always building relationships.

6.  How To Go Live On YouTube

You don’t always need Wirecast or Mobile to go live on YouTube.  I show you exactly what to do.

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5.  How To Be Confident

If you’re timid about walking into a room, the more likely you’re going to come off as not confident.  I give 10 tips to help you become more confident.

4.  My Video Upload Routine

Email my list.  Use social.  Make the most of what you have and create a routine so you don’t miss a step.

3.  If I Were Getting Started Today

Be prepared going into a video.  Know what you’re going to say before you film.  Keep bullet points with you each video.

2.  Vlog Like A Boss – The Anthem

I made a music video when I launched my book.  You know I had to do it!

1. The Best Videos To Make When You’re Getting Started

The biggest thing is going into the video confidently and treat the camera like it’s a person.  I want you to feel like we’re sitting down together one-on-one.

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