My Audio Equipment For YouTube Videos | #VLOGMAS 19

There’s one thing that will kill your video: bad audio. Seriously. Don’t let bad audio equipment happen to you.


Bad audio is one thing that will make a viewer click away. I mean, how can they know what is going on without being able to hear you?

In the past, I’ve been using the Lavalier Mic as a part of the gear I got from YouTube Next Up. But, I do feel like wearing a mic can sometimes feel stuffy. Not good. So, to combat the problem of wearing a mic without sacrificing the camera and lens I love, I had to come up with a solution.

This year I started using a completely separate audio device. I started using the Zoom H1N. This device sits much closer to me than my camera does (but still out of frame!) and is sitting on its own tripod.

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I like the sound quality of this much better and while there is some extra editing that goes along with this setup, I still really like it.


Because the audio device is not connected to the camera at all, which means it’s a completely separate audio track that goes into my video editor.

Final Cut Pro, my video editing software of choice, has the capability of auto-syncing the video and audio file, which does make my life easier, but syncing still needs to happen.

Editing with two files (audio and visual) gives the option for more versatility. Sometimes when you film in an environment that isn’t great for audio, a separate audio device gives you the chance to have better audio. There isn’t someone here in my living room helping me set everything up perfectly, but I found what works for me, and I’m going to stick with it.

Does your audio setup work for you or should you make some changes?

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