My Biggest Life Lessons Of 2017 | #VLOGMAS 18

This has been a big year for me – which I’m making a video about very soon – but I have a learned a lot about myself and about life in these last 12 months.


When people say they want something and your gut tells you they do want it, you should listen.

I’m referring to Vlog Like a Boss: How To Kill It Online With Video Marketing – my book that came out earlier this year. It’s ok that my book isn’t perfect for everyone in the world. I prepared myself for the book not selling, but what I did find was an amazing tribe of people around me who rallied around to give me advice and to guide me through the process.

The truly fascinating thing is that my community – YOU! – wanted to buy my book, and I wanted to do the book justice. I did a lot to put the book in front of you, including numerous podcast interviews, VLAB, and behind-the-scenes vlogs to show you what was truly happening.

What were my biggest life lessons in 2017?

Writing the book and putting it in front of you was the right thing to do!

The book became a best seller on Amazon. You bought it. Plus, you bought it and read it. This showed me the beauty of people who said they wanted the book and really followed through to buy it and read it.

Not everything has gone perfectly. For example, the audiobook isn’t perfect, which is difficult for the perfectionist in me, but the listeners can feel the heart that I put into it.

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The power of people!

I’ve always struggled to ask for help, and I’ve learned that I cannot do everything.

I can’t do everything, and honestly, I shouldn’t do everything. It’s possible to get something done even better than you could have imagined when you come at it with a teamwork mentality. It’s awesome to approach things like this.

Getting married has also shown me that having a partner who can (and will!) help me has made a huge difference in my life. My independence is pretty high, so learning to be a team has been a wonderful adjustment.

These life lessons have been pretty cool to experience this year, especially with my new, amazing husband.

Question of the day: What life lessons are you taking into the New Year and beyond?