My Bullet Journal: 1 Year Later | #VLOGMAS 17

Can you believe I’ve been using my bullet journal for a whole year?  These pages are full!

I feel like I found a real note-taking technique that I didn’t give up on.  And, for me, I can’t have an electronic method to keeping track of all.the.things.  I just can’t.  I’ve tried; seriously.  But, this worked!


If you want to see how I set it all up, watch How I Plan My Month | Bullet Journal Technique.

I use bullet journaling in a very practical way – not focused on art and design.  I focus on tasks, goals, and productivity.  

My feedback and review

I love my bullet journal technique.  A lot of times I just need to organize my thoughts, either through a big brain dump, chronology, or by project.  This book now holds all of my thoughts and tasks from the past year, and I can now put this on my bookshelf and go back to the notes I took at any given moment.  Traditional journaling is very in-the-moment which doesn’t completely work for me right now, although I do make videos about what I’m thinking about at the time.

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Knowing that my thoughts and goals are organized in one place makes me feel like I have something to go back and refer to later. I can track my thoughts with the bullet journal using page numbers and an index.  I’m so pleased that this works for me, even if it’s not artfully designed or purchased from the bullet journal website

You can go buy any notebook and create your own page numbers and index to create your own bullet journal, so don’t feel like there’s a big barrier to entry to get started.

Now that I’ve used the bullet journal for a while, I am going to start my new bullet journal with a clearer picture of how to organize my tasks – which only comes from experimentation and trial.  

Do you want to see how I use my bullet journal, especially when it comes to creating a content calendar, in 2018?  Let me know! 

I am so appreciative that the bullet journal exists.  

If you can be as productive with the bullet journal as I have, start today!