Why Daily Vlogging Is A Great Idea (Sometimes) | #VLOGMAS 14

Daily vlogging is no joke. Seriously. It’s hard work.


Vlogging every day can be awesome. Right now I’m currently vlogging daily because of #vlogmas. This channel also participates and supports VEDA – vlog every day in April/August. It’s so much fun, and it’s so important to challenge yourself in this way.

If you want to be better on video, become a better communicator, up your technical skills, daily vlogging is a great idea. It’s very easy to get burnt out when you’re daily vlogging, but these little challenges rally around getting it done and upping your presence online.

I’m always so blown away at how many people sign up for VEDA each year. Last August, I rewarded on vlogger who vlogged every day and participated in my Facebook group, 30 Days To Better Vlogging with a feature on my channel.

Caitlynn Nolan won that prize and says that VEDA made her a better vlogger. It helped her fall in love with YouTube and creating content.

Daily vlogging will help you hone your craft, become a better communicator, and discover if you're passionate about it. It'll only take 30 days, promise! #vlogmas #vloglikeaboss Click To Tweet

If you think that something (making video or anything else) is important and will help make you better, doing it for 30 days shows a true commitment to yourself and will really tell you if you want to continue doing it in the future.

You’ll hone your craft. You’ll get better. You’ll learn the tricks and techniques.

Show up every day. Put yourself out there. You’ll grow more in 30 days than you ever thought possible.

Question of the day: have you participated in a daily vlogging challenge? Have you ever done anything for 30 days to find out if you are truly passionate about it?

Continue to keep practicing at the thing you want to go after the life you want.