Staying Motivated As A Female Entrepreneur | #VLOGMAS 13

When I was speaking at Youpreneur Summit London, I got to hang out with Carrie Green from the Female Entrepreneur Association and the author of She Means Business.


Before Carrie and I get into some Q&A, I wanted to share with you a part of her talk that resonated with me: visualizing. Carrie makes visualization a big part of her day. To her, visualization is about having fun and focusing on what you want. Simple. She suggestions creating a dream jar and noting your dreams on a little piece of paper. Each morning, pull out one of those dreams and spend a minute visualizing. So powerful!

Ok, on the Q&A!

What kind of personal development do you do as a female entrepreneur?

For Carrie, it’s about expanding your mind constantly and learning more about how you can be the person you want to be to create the success you want in your life. On a practical level, this looks like reading books and listening to people who inspire you (music, podcasts, etc.).

I couldn’t agree more. No matter what, surrounding yourself with people who lift you up. Those people might not know you in real life or they might be your friendship group, but it’s creating a circle of people who want you to succeed and only paying attention to those groups.

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What is your #1 song on your inspirational playlist?

Carrie loves the Hercules soundtrack. She can see parallels in the journey of the hero and the journey of the entrepreneur.

I personally love “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry.

What is your #1 highlight so far in London?

Carrie gets to London about once a month, and while she loves popping into a café for tea, she loves riding the tube. It feels so London, smell and all.

I have been obsessed with The Crown, and I’ve had a great time seeing Westminster Abbey and the coronation chair. I’m so bummed I couldn’t take a picture of it.

How do you find your authentic voice when creating videos? What are the most important things to focus on when you’re just starting out?

Carrie started doing video is 2012, and it’s changed everything. The relationship changes when people can see and hear you. She’s gotten better over time and has realized that you need to up the enthusiasm in video. Her advice is just to be yourself. We want real connections with people, and to create an authentic connection, you have to start out being authentic.

A lot of Carrie’s content ideas come from real conversations and real events. Plus, you have to listen to your audience and respond to what your viewers are saying and asking.

What is She Needs Business?

Carrie’s book is about the entrepreneurial journey – the ups and downs of the female entrepreneur. So many times we play small; we’re scared to put ourselves out there and to be vulnerable. It’s the true journey that Carrie has had and the experiences she’s had to get her where she is today.

Keep visualizing the world that you want so you can go after the life you want.