My 2018 Word Of The Year & Why You Need One | #VLOGMAS 11

2018 is just around the corner – or, you know, 20 days away. This is exactly the time to start thinking about what the New Year means to you.

I’m a sucker for a new year. I love a fresh start; I love the feeling knowing that today is a new day.  I can set a new intention and work hard to achieve it. For me, it’s not about resolutions; it’s more about believing that you get a second chance.


People love the fact that they can rally around something and embrace the second chance. We can support each other too, which is something I really care about.

Don’t let life happen to you. Make a plan. It doesn’t have a be a rigid plan, just an intention you set for yourself.

I love coming up with a word of the year.

This concept guides you when you’re feeling lost or challenged. This word (or phrase) inspires you when you feel like you could be doing better. And, when you’re celebrating, you can look back on your word of the year and feel validated.

You don’t have to share your word of the year with anyone if you don’t want to – this is just for you to use as a guiding principle to lead you through these next 12 months.

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In the past, I used the word CHANGE in 2016. I needed something that kept me centered when my life was going through a lot of changes. No matter what I did to create stability, my life was still changing. Choosing CHANGE as my word of the year was one way to embrace the chaos (or what felt like chaos) in my life.

All of that change led me to write my book, which is why I made my 2017 word VLOG. Anything that had to do with vlog was my focus. I vlogged every day for many months; I wrote a book about vlogging; I spoke about vlogging; I vlogged in my spare time.

Vlog. VLog. Vlog.

Now that we’re coming up on another year, I am coming up on a new part of my life, personally and professionally.

My word for 2018: LEAD.

The best thing I can do now is to set a good example. To me, LEAD sets a tone that emits the best version of myself at any moment. If I’m going to channel LEADing, I’m going to reposition anything I’m feeling into how I can be the leader in the moment.

What are you thinking about for 2018? Even if you’re not a sucker for a New Year, like I am, I think it’s important to set an intention for what is coming next. You have to keep moving forward.

Question of the day: what word is the best for you as you think about being the best version of yourself in 2018?

Keep going after the life you want, even if a beagle rolls over into your tripod. #OhLucy