My Sister Is An Entrepreneur Too | #VLOGMAS 10

Vincenzo and I are up early on a Saturday morning to go visit my sister’s business. She’s also an entrepreneur, and she’s had her business for a while now. Of course, her business has developed and grown over the years (as has mine).


First, my sister started out with an in-home daycare, and now she owns a whole daycare facility. She’s the lead teacher, owner, everything. So cool!

Not only is this my first time to see my sister’s new facility, we get to see the holiday program.

Get ready for cuteness overload.

I would have never predicted that my sister and I would both be business owners. (I wonder what my mom thinks!) We both took different paths after we got out of school, and we both ended up as entrepreneurs. Even though we aren’t in the same market, we can seek advice from each other and help each other grow in our own ways.  Not only is it amazing to have someone at my fingertips who can relate to the stresses and triumphs to growing a business, it’s a great way to connect with each other on a sister-level too.

I envy that my sister had her family before her business, while I’m learning to do that now. It’s a different dynamic and learning opportunity for me.

(In other news, Vin gave me my Christmas present early: the iPhone X in white. I love the Face ID, and it’s easy to get used to.)

All that to say, go after the life you want – you never know where you’ll end up.