Travel Vlogging Tips featuring Love And London | #VLOGMAS 06

Oh, London! You are such a great city, and you’re even better because you have Jess Dante from Love & London. Jess helps unseasoned travelers with tips for an inaugural visit to London, and she and I collaborated while I was there earlier this year.


I went to the people (YOU!) to get questions about growing a YouTube channel. Jess and share our strategies for vlogging and traveling with you:

Q: When traveling are you able to plan your content or do you just film what you can?

Jess loves the ability to travel without the added pressure to work. She goes out to enjoys herself but remembers to take notes so what when she’s ready to share her experiences with her community, she is fully prepared.

She shares what she has experienced and can create themes around her content to give her audience a full picture. She finds this strategy easier to film (for herself) and easier to consume (for her viewers).

I, personally, keep a content calendar with placemarks for video while I’m in certain locations. If something doesn’t pan out while I’m traveling, I usually have a Plan B to make sure that my content calendar does fall apart just because I’m not at home.

Q: What does a successful travel vlog collab look like?

For Jess, it depends on the kind of content. What works best for her is working with London-style content.

I’ve found that when I work with someone who is aligned, my audience loves seeing two creators they watch separately in one place.

No matter what, collaborations gives the audience a different experience. Plus the phrase a rising tide lifts all boats is highly true in the YouTube world. There’s no such thing as competition.

Q: As a travel blogger, is it better to hone in on a niche, like travel tips, or is there still space for the travel- /explore-type vlogs?

Jess finds her biggest success has come from niching down. When she first started, she wasn’t too clear on what she wanted to do with the brand, so she did a few other videos that weren’t too specific on London. Things really took off when she narrowed down to London-specific videos.

She finds the know-like-trust factor rose greatly when she niched down.

I believe it’s helpful to show off your environment in video. A big mistake I see in vlogging is the lack of focus in each video. Each video needs a focus and purpose.

Q: I have made several friends through #SSSVEDA that are England based – does the time difference play a big part in viewership? (sometimes they’re in the middle of dinner when I’m posting or going to bed when I really get things going on Live video!)

Jess currently publishes video at 8pm London Time (3pm Eastern Time) because of her large American audience. She’s watched her analytics very closely to see real-time views, 24-hour views, and other patterns. She’s found that this time is a sweet spot for many viewers.

I try to post around 3-4 Eastern, which totally matches up with what Jess is doing. #greatminds #analytics

If you’re coming to London, you need to check out Local Guide to London, Jess’ guidebook based on her Love & London YouTube channel.  She gives recommendations that are not focused on the tourist spots. The digital map gave Vincenzo and me the best recommendations for the best places to go. It was a lifesaver!

Maybe you can’t book a trip to London today (and that’s totally ok!), but get outside your box so that you can go after the life you want.