YouTube Tip: This Generous Trick Will Grow Your Channel | #VLOGMAS 05

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m a big fan of YouTube. Big. Huge.  And there’s a generous trick you can use to grow your channel.

I think everyone (yes, YOU!) should be leveraging YouTube to go after the life they want. Making video has been so good to me – I mean, I wrote a dang book about it!


To help you get further along in your video game, here’s my YouTube tip for you:

Talk about a YouTube creator or video that you love (and that fits your audience) in your own video content.

Speaking highly about another creator or video is one of the most generous things you can do as a fellow creator.  Why?  Because this is about the long game. Making video is about connecting people and sharing ideas. You aren’t living in a bubble living on an island.

The biggest goal for you (and for YouTube) is to get people to come to the platform and watch video. If you, as a creator, get someone to come to the platform to watch a video and then you suggest that they stay on the platform and watch something else is HUGE.

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What if you send a new viewer to another channel? YouTube will recognize that you are keeping watch times up, and they will reward you by helping you get subscribers. All you did was extend the session of the viewer by sharing great content.


You do want to keep people engaged with your content, but recommending another creating is a great way to open the door to collaborations and keeping views on that platform.

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Question of the day: What is a YouTube video or creator that you think people should be watching?