How To Stop Wasting Time | #VLOGMAS 04

If you’re here because you saw the title of this post, you made the right decision to stop and learn more. Wasting time is the worst. I’m going to show you exactly how to stop wasting time and be more productive.


A few months ago, I read the most amazing quote from Mama O herself, “I don’t squander time. I know for sure that we all get the same 24/7. And that no hour is guaranteed. I never want to be doing nothing unless nothing is what I want.”

This quote really resonated with me because I hate wasting time. Seriously. If I feel like I’m wasting time, I feel like the world is crumbling around me (spoiler alert: it’s not!). My norm is feeling productive , so when something is off, I feel it.

Let me be clear, there are some things that might seem like you’re wasting time, but if that activity still brings you joy, make time for it in your day or your week. Ask yourself if you’re getting enough of it in your life that you have the joy and the happiness around it or if you’re actually wasting time.

Here’s how to stop wasting time:

1.  Reframe what you have to do with what you get to do

We’re all working toward that thing: your big achievement, your big project, that accomplishment you’re working toward. You get to work toward this thing. You don’t have to do, you want to do it.

Don’t lose sight of why you wanted this thing in the first place.

2.  Get excited that you’re working toward something

You might feel like you have to do things because you’re taking some baby steps to reach that larger goal. Those baby steps still matter. Each tiny progression matters and should be celebrated.

Even the  tiny accomplishments are important.  Get excited about them – they are ultimately leading you to the thing that you’re working so hard to achieve.

3.  Manage and track your time with a calendar

I’m willing to bet you have a calendar in your hand or sitting right beside you right now – I’m talking about your phone. It doesn’t matter if you plan your day using a digital calendar or paper calendar;  you have to use something.

I’m very religious about time blocking – a block of time is scheduled out on my calendar for my entire day to keep me on track and focused.

If you’re not ready for the extreme sport of calendar blocking, use the calendar to track how you spend your time: commuting, watching Netflix, exercising, working, not working, eating, etc. At the end of the week, you’ll have a very clear and honest picture of where you’re spending your time each day.

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4.  Plan for things not to go according to plan

Things happen. Plans change. The time blocked on your calendar might have to be rearranged to accommodate today’s plans, and that’s ok.

Always have a backup plan of other things to do if your plans get changed (i.e. a client cancels).

Bonus points if your task can be done without the internet because then you have no excuse but to be productive!

Stop wasting time on Instagram just because something happened in your schedule. You can still be productive.

5.  Stop doing what you suck at

You know what I’m not good at – painting my nails. There are people out there who have devoted their career to this job (thank god!), and I schedule in the time to get this taken care of. Why? Because I’m not good at it. I’m not even going to pretend that I am.

What does this look like for you? Hiring a house cleaner? Hiring a video editor?

6.  Do more activities that energize you

When you’re passionate about something and can see the big goal, you’re less likely to crash. (For me, crashing looks like 3 hours of Netflix on a Tuesday night. Not good!)

Yes, there are things that we all do that are draining, but you are in control of doing things that energize you. When you do more of what energizes you, you’ll want to wake up in the morning to do the things that make you happy.

7.  Make the time for YOU

Just like every other task, you have to make time for YOU. You are very important, and you deserve time and attention too. Maybe that looks like watching TV or getting a massage or reading a book.

No matter what it is, make the time for you and the people you love.

You’ll be more energized to do more of the tasks on your list when you have time for yourself.

Here’s your question of the day: What is the biggest time waster that you know you do?