You Had Me At Tacos | #VLOGMAS 03

Today’s a big day in my world and in Columbus – Winter Fest is here in Bicentennial Park. Vincenzo and I are volunteering at this event, which is great because we tend to work on the weekends when we should be relaxing.


This will be the perfect opportunity to step away from screens, to spend time in the community, and to enjoy the great weather.

We’ve been working a lot lately. Vincenzo has been studio shopping for Aftermarq, and I was busying doing a dry run for an upcoming presentation. This event is such a great way for us to relax.

There are so many things happening in my community, and I love that I can be a part of it as a volunteer, as a consumer, or as a supporter. I also love that I can spend the rest of my free time watching college football and relax with my husband. #dreamlife

One thing I want to point out today is that I recorded some of this video sitting on my bedroom floor.

Was the lighting perfect? No.

Was the angle perfect? No.

Did I still make it happen? Yes.

Making video isn't about making it perfect; it's about doing it. #vloglikeaboss #vlogmas Click To Tweet

Making video is not about having the perfect vlogging equipment or the perfect setup or the perfect content calendar. It’s not about being Casey Neistat.

Making video is about turning on your camera when something is happening.

Making video is about sharing your message with your audience.

Making video is about teaching what you know.

You can make video no matter where you are – you can even be sitting on the floor in your bedroom.

There are some fun things coming up later this month in Vlogmas. I have some awesome videos coming out: bookshelf chats and fun announcements and more!

Keep making video to go after the life you want.