I Can’t Tell You Anything | #VLOGMAS 02

I know you’re sitting around, asking the big life questions: Why didn’t Amy post too much in November? Why doesn’t Amy take me on her famous on-the-go vlogs anymore? Why does Amy go so long between each blowout?


These are important questions. And the answer pains me: I can’t tell you (yet!) about all of the awesome projects I’m working on. I hate that I can’t tell you, but that’s the truth.  I love sharing my life with you, but sometimes I need to keep some secrets until the project is a different stage.  I do this all for you, really, I do!

Vlogmas will reveal so much of what I’m working on at Vlog Boss Studios and at Aftermarq, the company Vincenzo and I run together.  Have you subscribed to the YouTube channel yet?

Aside from working, I have been sick. I got sick right before Thanksgiving, so Vincenzo went to Connecticut. I stayed home to recover and to get my voice back.  Now Vincenzo has a little bit of a cold too. Feel free to send him some love on Twitter – he’d love that.

I’m back to my old self and feeling full of energy, which means we’re moving forward with all of our projects.  See why I needed a blowout!?  Plus, when you take the time to get all pretty, you can make a solid attempt to batch some content. I have a solid video upload routine that helps me make sure I’m not missing any step when it comes times to upload, but you have to have the content first.

Remember when I predicted that 2017 was going to be the best year ever?  And, it’s only getting better. I love when I’m right! I can’t wait to tell you all the things that are coming in December.

What are you excited about?

What great thing(s) happened to you this year?