The Biggest Myth About Your Personal Brand

When it comes to building your personal brand, I think there is some confusion about how to make it all come together. There are also some questions about the difference between a personal brand and an influencer. And, to make things even more difficult, there is a myth effecting personal branding today that we need to talk about.

I’m here to straighten everything out for you.


I talk about the topic of personal brands so much (and get asked about this topic a lot!) that I want make sure we’re all on the same page about why personal brands are important and how they work in a variety of ways in your life and business.  I talk about how how a personal brand works in your life later, but let’s start with why personal brands are important for your business: money.

How do you make money online?

I’ve made a few videos about how to make money vlogging and how I made my first $100 online, but people still have questions. People think that because I upload video, I immediately make money. This really isn’t the case.

The biggest myth about your personal brand: recognization equals monetization.

This is so wrong. I mean, it’s absolutely false.

Yes, recognition builds influence. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t drawn to the title of this video or if you hadn’t heard about me or if you hadn’t seen a video of mine in the past.  That’s recognitation.

Some people make money online from influencing – influencers make money from product/services/brand/event recommendations. I don’t live in that world necessarily, but I do make money because of influence I may have because of recognition I am getting from you. That recognition turns into influence, which builds my social profile and builds my personal brand.

Make sense?

So do I get a big check every time I upload a video? Nope. Video simply helps me to continue to build upon that brand.

Money doesn’t always come just because you are making content: video, podcasts, images, blogs, or any other medium you might choose.

Most of the money coming into my business is based on services, clients, and speaking engagements. These things would not be possible if I didn’t have a personal brand, which is heavily influenced by these videos.

A personal brand is about how you do business and educating people about how you do business. A personal brand isn’t just about owning a business; a personal brand matters when you are a looking for a new job too. If you’re looking to change industries, building a personal brand is massively important. You have to stand out. What you do personally matters. You have to be able to communicate who you are and how you contribute. You have to let people know what you do well and why they should care about you.

The myth of a personal brand equaling money in an influential capacity must be gone. But knowing that a personal brand can move the needle in the long run, however you need it to, is absolutely true.

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Is building a personal brand worth my time?

Get a clear idea of how you grow and how you pay for things (paychecks vs. bringing in businesses, etc.) and how a personal brand can fuel this fire will open your eyes to how you can be dedicated to your marketing strategy.

Leave additional questions about personal branding in the comments below. I love talking about this topic.

Keep building your personal brand so you can go after the life that you want.