Be Your Own Boss | 10 Success Tips

Did you know I worked in a “regular” job for almost 6 years before I made the leap to be in my business full-time? Yep! It’s true. And, today, I want to share the success tips that have helped me along the way as I have grown into the YouTube personality, speaker, best-selling author, and entrepreneur that I am today.


I believe in setting yourself up for success, and that means implimenting various strategies into your day so that you can be the best possible version of yourself.

Here are my success tips that I’ve learned over my 6 years as my own boss:

1.  Focus On What You Are Best At

When you’re just getting started, it’s easy to take on clients that aren’t in your exact niche because you’re trying to earn money. It’s understandable, but those clients don’t serve you because you’re being kept from doing the thing you are really good at.

The more you focus on what you’re absolutely the best at, the more successful you will be. You also won’t burn out as quickly if you are narrowed in and focus in the area that you do best.

If you’re feeling the pressure to add multiple products or services just because “everyone else is,” take a step back. Remember to keep your mission in mind. If you don’t do what you’re best at, you’re only going to be mediocre, and you’re better than that!

2.  Live By Your Calendar

The one is non-negotiable. We’re all given the exact same hours in the day, and you need to guard your time aggressively.

Know how much time your tasks take; break up larger projects into tiny chunks; block off time on your calendar to get it all done.

There’s always a little more we can all do to take control of our time so that you aren’t wasting precious minutes during the day.

3.  Practice Selling

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you are your own salesperson. You have to convince people why you are the best for the job. You have to know your prices, your products, and your elevator pitch.

How do you talk about the sale? How do you want to talk about it? How to keep the sales language in your mind at all times?

You have to talk as if you know what you’re doing and as if you do this all the time, even if it’s your first time making the sale. Practice selling yourself over and over until it’s perfect.


4.  Know Your Habit Tendency

I did a video about The Four Tendencies quiz, and I completely stand behind Gretchen Rubin’s concept of habits.

Based on the type of person you are, you develop habits in your own unique ways. You have to play to your strengths and know who you are so you can set yourself up for success as you’re learning and growing in your life and business.

5.  Create Content About What You Do

To be your own boss, you have to consistently share thought-leadership of your expertise. I do this through my videos, podcasting, blogging on LinkedIn, and through my book, Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging.

You have to show up and tell people what you’re good at; otherwise, they won’t know. It’s your responsibility to tell people about you.

Find your best medium and create consistent content.

6.  Balance Your Time In All Places

Think about how much time you spend with family, at the gym, walking your dog, working, sleeping, and every other part of your day.

All of these things are components of nurturing you as a human. You aren’t going to live at your highest potential if you don’t give each of these parts of you the attention they deserve.

The time you spend in each of these spaces matters, and you need to have a healthy balance in how you spend your time. There is a lot that goes into keeping you happy and healthy, and this deserves your attention just as much as work deserves your attention.

7.  Keep In Contact With Contacts

You never know when someone is going to turn into a lead or if you can connect two people you might not have met yet. Keep track of your contacts through a database and make sure you’re following up with everyone you meet.

It’s the effort you put in that makes you memorable. Social media is a larger group of people, so you have to stay consistent to stay front of mind with the people you might not speak to on a regular basis.

8.  Respect and Study Amazing People

You can follow and admire other people than the big players on social or in your particular space.

Who are the amazing people that you already know? Absorb their success. What can you learn? Observe everything, study their process, and analyze their successes.

Determine what success means to you and take action to achieve the type of success you want to have.

9.  Watch You Pride

When you become your own boss, you can give yourself some really sexy titles and with that can come some inflated pride.

Give yourself the space to take feedback; remember that everyone is operating within a budget; and take your time.

Don’t let your pride get in the way of your success. You still need to put in your time and work your butt off. There are still things that you’re going to do for free or for a lesser price.

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There’s no such thing as an overnight success. Respect the fact that there is a process.

10.  HAVE FUN!

You have to find the moments that you love and have fun with it. There are a lot of things that come with being your own boss that aren’t fun. (I’m looking at your, taxes!)

There are so many downsides of working for yourself, but when you can get to the point that you are enjoying the ride, it’ll make all of your accomplishments and all of your hard work worth it.

Being your own boss comes with many great rewards, and one of those rewards is being able to go after the life you want. But, of course, you have to put in the work to get there.

Do you have any success tips for being your own boss?