Post At Your Own Risk

Isn’t it so nice when you can still sit outside and enjoy the great weather in October? OCTOBER! As much as I’m ready for Fall, I have to admit, this is very nice.

Today’s video is just a conversation between you and me. I am sitting down to talk to you directly about a few things going shuffling around in my mind, specifically that you should post at your own risk. I love that we get to connect this way, but honestly, this is a very important message.


Did you hear that AOL Instant Messenger is going away?

First, who know that it was still around? Second, it brings back so many memories of chatting with friends after school. It was kind of the first social network, right!?

There was also some talk in the news about people digging around through old Tweets that are now coming to light.  The internet is scrutinizing people because sometimes things were said years ago that were inappropriate.

I’ve always said I’m grateful to be how old I am. I didn’t have social media when I was in middle school or high school. Social platforms have definitely escalated and moved forward quickly. Things can happen online: bullying, spreading good news, and sharing the negative sides of people.  You are posting at your own risk and nothing disappears.

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There are people entering today’s workforce that grew up with social as a young person, and the silly things they said are now coming to haunt them. This is serious. What you say matters. I believe there is a time and a place to express yourself. I, personally, never want to say something that you could interpret poorly and, as a result, negatively judge my character.

It’s very easy to judge other people, especially when you don’t know the context. It’s also easy to say something that you think will slip by. Often times, it gets noticed and stays with you.

I did a video recently about the 20 Tweets you should send every day and sometimes I hold back about what I want to Tweet because I don’t want to go on record saying it. Anything could happen in the future, and we might all judged based on what was said a long time ago. It’s all being cached by the Internet.

All of it.

If you really care about what people think (in how you want them to talk about you to others) about your brand, please rethink about what you might have Tweeted in the moment. Don’t give people a reason to think poorly of you.

It’s not worth it.

Find the balance. Think about what you’re putting online. Think about how people will talk about you. Think about what you want people to say when they talk about you. Go after the life you want in the most positive way possible!