October Q&A

You know I love catching up with you and keeping you updated on the happenings in my life. That’s why I make it a point to go live and answer as many questions that I can. Not only do I get to hear about what’s on your mind, you get your biggest questions answered quickly! This October Q&A* is all about wine, video influence, and a bunch of other random questions.


Here are the As to your Qs:

How do you balance married life and business life? How do you separate marriage and business?

We are trying to make sure we’re not overstepping our new marriage, but we also want to show you how we make it work. Our channel, Schemzo.tv, is going be raw. The biggest piece that goes into it is having fun. We genuinely enjoy the business aspect and we love that we can merge our business with what we love to do, like travel. We take extra time for ourselves too.

A lot of our conversations involve every part of our lives: travel, the Steelers, work, Columbus, clients, politics, women’s issues, etc. We like to be diverse and actively try to engage each other in our discussions, including our individual passions.

There’s a huge transition in balancing all parts of our lives. You know I’m an introvert, so sometimes I need a minute to be alone and think. Vincenzo respects that. We also spend parts of our day separately, even if we’re in the same apartment.

How to get past “assigning” work to each other?

We know our individual strengths and what our roles are. We try not to overstep those boundaries, and we let each other be responsible for their own portion.

Are our companies combined?

We have two companies: my company, that I’ve had since 2009, and that company we started together last year.

From a task management perspective, we’ve clearly outlined what each of us does, and we know our roles.

How do you grow a business if you don’t have help?

You have to work very hard. But, you also have to ask for help.

Are we looking for a place in Columbus or are we looking in Connecticut/New York?

We haven’t made a decision yet, but there are developments happening that might sway our decision one way! Stay tuned for more!

What apps are best for editing personal logos intros for vlogs?

I would use Adobe Spark to create a video asset that could potentially used as a title sequence. If you want to handwrite your logo, use ProCreate.

What is the video influence on YouTube compared to Facebook?

YouTube and Facebook are very different. If you watched this video live, you made the conscious decision to watch a video. The audio and video come on at the same time.

On Facebook, you’re just hanging out, following friends, liking baby photos, and avoiding political conversations. Then, a video just starts playing in your feed. There’s no audio. It’s a different experience.

You need something visually compelling, like a caption file, to get people to stop scrolling through their Facebook feed to watch the video. It’s a different context.

With Facebook, they are making the decision to watch based on the video. On YouTube, they are making the decision because of the thumbnail.

Is there a good app to use for captioning?

Yes. Rev.com is the best, and it automatically uploads caption files to YouTube and you can download that file to upload to Facebook. It’s awesome.

Where do I get my music?

I use Epidemic Sound to get my music. This is the best music resource I’ve found within reason – they base their pricing based on views. Awesome, right!

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Why are all my books turned backwards?

If you’ve noticed, the bookshelves look a little different. I did this because the pages of the books are white and that matches my white bookshelf. It helps me control the color scheme of the bookshelf overall. It looks less messy, especially when I add an accent color. #BookFlipTrick

What is the wine situation?

GaryVee created a wine club – he’s sending much better wine for what you pay. We do an unboxing immediately and show you exactly what we get! We got #TheCompetitor, a chardonnay, and a French wine. You get so much more for your money with this subscription service.

Any other tips for growing your online audience?

Instagram is where it’s at! All. Day! If you need to focus on social, focus on two platforms instead of being everywhere. Know where your ideal viewer hangs out online and show up for them there.

I like Instagram because the algorithm is very simple. You can get the momentum going very quickly, but you have to be really good at producing content that people care about.

Don’t forget: Instagram isn’t just about your current following. You can use hashtags and location tags in your Instagram stories to reach a broader audience.

What is the best place to get info on growing a YouTube channel?

I think VidSummit is a great value. You’ll learn a ton. If you want to grow your channel and you’re ready to go down that road, go to VidSummit.

If that’s not in your price point, visit the YouTube channels of the VidSummit speakers and learn from them directly.

What advice do you have for some who isn’t pretty but wants to vlog anyway?

DO IT! Keep vlogging. If you give value, vlog away. It has nothing to do with being pretty. It doesn’t matter what you look like – it’s about giving value and creating something that is worth watching. Create an emotional connection with your audience, and they’ll keep coming back.

P.S.  I think you’re pretty.

Is it ok to edit with iMovie?

YES! Just create. Don’t wait until you have the perfect equipment or software. Just create! It’s a great place to start to grow creatively with your video.

What do you think of networks, like FullScreen?

I don’t really believe in networks for the same reason I self-published my book. I don’t think someone else deserves the rights to my creations. Plus, with a network, you give up your Google Adsense and your YouTube partnership.

Do you go to sponsors or do you let them come to you?

You have to do both! If there’s a way to connect, reach out and tell the sponsor how you think you can work together.  Sometimes you have to create opportunities instead of letting them fall in your lap.

What kind of wine do we like?

My new favorite wine is the wine Vincenzo’s dad makes.

What do I do about lighting?

You definitely need lighting. I have a Diva Light, which I really like.

How do I do polls?

It’s a slow rollout, so you might just have to wait your turn. (I don’t even think I have access yet!)

So there you go! October Q&A. Thanks for hanging out with us. I appreciate your support on this channel, and I appreciate you coming to hang out with me.

Of course, drink a little bit of wine and go after the life you want.


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