What The Best Vloggers Know

Have you noticed how much vlogging has made it into more aspects of life lately? I find it very serendipitous that my book came out this year + there are so many people who want to share their life and their message with the world. This shows me that people are going after the life they want, which is just amazing.


People want to be the next-big-thing in vlogging and there are many misconceptions about how hard vlogging is; there are many opinions about the most effective YouTube strategy. Honestly, you’re never going to nail the “perfect” strategy because success looks different for everyone.

So what can you do if there isn’t a perfect formula to follow?

Here are the 3 things the best vloggers know about making video:

1.  Ask and you shall receive

Unfortunately, you can’t just post a video and expect people to watch it. The world is too big and busy for that to happen.

If you’re going to put in the effort to make a great video, you have to ask people for the attention to figure out the next right move. Ask for the views and the subscribers, especially in the beginning.

Don’t lose sight of the audience and what their needs are. Ask your audience what they want to get from you so you can create the best content to serve them.

2.  Consistency is in everything

It’s not just about what day and time your videos are published. Consistency is in everything you do. It reflects your brand to the fullest extent: thumbnails, cover art, voice, and following through on your promises.

When you don’t want to put out a video and you feel like people aren’t watching, know that someone is watching. And it’s on you to keep improving and keep following through.

If you’re overwhelmed staying consistent, watch HOW I PLAN MY VIDEOS to help you get started.

3.  You’re creating for someone else

Once you nail consistency, you’ll realize that you’re making video for someone else, who may or may not want to share that video. It’s other people who decide your video’s fate.

The best vloggers know that they need to create video that is relatable, relevant, and shareable.

You need to make people laugh, make them think, or speak to their emotions. When you think fully about the audience and what they need, your video will be shared.

You can create video that matters by getting ahead of what your audience is thinking and feeling and accommodate.

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