How I Plan My Month | Bullet Journal Method

Have you ever been overwhelmed by an ongoing to-do list, too many emails, or juggling all the things inside your head?  If you want to run a successful business (or two!), you have to stay organized.

I’ve been using the Bullet Journal method for a little while now, and it’s really helped me stay organized in my business and in my life.

A couple days before the end of the month, I like to sit down and map out the next month. This helps me have a great overview of what is coming up and where I’m going to be in addition to helping me plan out my tasks, my travel, and other small to-do items that I definitely can’t forget about.


If you aren’t familiar with the Bullet Journal system, check out this helpful video from the creator of the system to learn about the different parts of Bullet Journaling.

Here’s How I Bullet Journal:

Monthly Planning

At the beginning of the month, I start with a simple calendar and a page for monthly tasks.

With the calendar, I write in the days of the month and all of the important dates I need to remember on one page.

My tasks page is for the big tasks that I want to complete in the month. I will go back through last month’s tasks and decide if it’s worth spending time on it next month. I try to make sure this is a list of things that are important and valuable to moving the needle in my life or business.

Weekly Planning

The Bullet Journal creator promotes creating daily logs of tasks, but for me, I think about things per week. This helps me to sit down on Sunday night, schedule everything, and plan out my whole week at once. I know that I’ll be able to get everything done in one week instead of burdening myself with a mile-long daily to-do list that feels overwhelming.

I am considering switching to daily logs, but I’m not there yet. If and when I do switch over, I’ll probably limit myself to how many tasks put on my daily list. Creating a limit might be a great strategy for you too.

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Content Planning

A major part of Bullet Journaling, for me, is keeping track of content: how many videos on Savvy Sexy Social and podcasts on Vlog Boss Radio are going out. For this, I lay out my content via a monthly calendar like I showed you in a previous video.

I use the bucket strategy I talk about in Vlog Like A Boss to keep me on track and to make sure I’m making video on all the topics I have set up. I also create an extra week at the bottom of the month to make sure I’m starting the next month out successfully.

I like using sticky notes to mark the content topics on my calendar because they are easy to move around. If something comes up, and I need to move a topic to another day, it’s very easy to pick up the sticky note and move it around. I like being able to reschedule things has needed.

I have systems for just about everything in my life and business, and the Bullet Journal really helps me know what is coming and helps me to prepare myself so that I can create the best possible content for you.

Leave a comment below if you are interested in organizational ideas and other ways I use my Bullet Journal.

Get organized, get planning, and get things done so you can go after the life you want!