Rest Stop Vlogger

I love vlogging daily for you because I want to keep you updated on my life as I’m running multiple businesses, being an active part of my community, and hanging out with Lucy. What’s even more fun is compiling all of those videos into one and showing you how I spend my week.

Let’s be honest, this is just more efficient.

In this video, you’ll see that I’m busy running making videos, speaking at an event, and getting ready to spend some time in Connecticut with the family.

The Aftermarq team is in New York for #AdWeek, and I hit the road to speak at an event. Before I go, I need to take care of a few errands, write thank you cards from the wedding, make some video, and of course, edit video.

Whew! You can get a lot done when you put your mind to it!

At the event, I had a crowd in front of me who was a little scared to start making video. (Is that you?) No problem, I kept going. But then, something was wrong on one of my slides, and I was caught off guard. No one noticed, but I did. Perfectionism sucks sometimes.

This just shows you that mistakes happen, to me and to everyone. Don’t let mistakes hold you back from creating awesome content.

I love that, as a true YouTuber who started in her bedroom with a point-and-shoot camera, I still make it a point to upload at certain times. That means you pull over to a rest stop, fire up your hotspot, and make the final touches to your video before you upload. It might seem like pulling over was silly when I could have waited until I got home, but this is important.  You have to stick to your schedule and deliver on your promises to your community.

Plus, now that I can officially add Rest Stop Vlogger to my ever-growing list of titles!  Win-win!