20 Tweets You Should Post Every Day

It’s no secret that one of my favorite social platforms is Twitter. I’ve been on Twitter in early 2009, and I’ve tweeted almost 60,000 times. Yep, I really love Twitter.

Twitter allows us (yes, you and me) to have a direct conversation. Plus, you can easily join in on existing conversations that are happening on the platform. It’s such a great place to hang out.


In the last few years, people have been saying that Twitter isn’t doing well, and I responded by making a video about why I’m not following you on Twitter. Well, social. Twitter isn’t dead. In fact, Twitter is still a great place to have a conversation and they are continuing to make the platform great.

Twitter isn’t about followers, it’s about meeting great people and building relationships. If you want to meet people and build relationships, you have to take an active part on the platform.  Let me show you how to do that!

Here are the 20 tweets you should post every day:

1.  Send out a greeting

Say hello. Greet your community. Give a shout out to the thing that makes our mornings great: coffee.

2.  Send @replies

Reply to the people who are talking to you. Don’t let them just sit there.

3.  Retweet with a comment

You can always retweet – which you should – but it makes it even better if you add a comment to the retweet. Your thoughts add social proof to the reader, which enhances the experience for everyone.

4.  Link to something that is useful

Share your thoughts and share something that will help someone out. You want people to check out this link, so tell them why they should.

5.  Reply to a conversation that’s already happening

It could just be someone who put a Tweet out in the world or it might be a trending topic – that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re joining in and are meeting new people.

6.  Run a poll

Ask a question and provide many multiple-choice answers to make it easier for everyone. A poll is a great way to break down the barrier to entry to someone who might not have responded before.

7.  Ask a question in an @reply to someone who wished you knew better

You might not want to do this to a celebrity (because they’re probably not going to respond), but this is a great strategy to get to know a thought leader better. If you read their book, ask a thoughtful question about it. This is a great way to show that you’re paying attention and become remembered.

8.  Upload a photo

I know this sounds obvious, but Twitter gets less photo love that other social platforms. Multimedia takes up a lot of space on the newsfeed, so take advantage of that real estate. Make it pop and get some hearts!

9.  Participate in a trending topic (or hashtag)

This is great way to get in front of a new audience but this is only going to work if you have something valuable to say. Don’t just troll for attention – you want to really contribute here.

10.  Ask for support

Tell your followers what you’re doing, and keep your followers updated. Let your followers know if something big is happening, and ask for support if you need it. They are following you for a reason – they want to know what you’re doing and to be a part of it.

11.  Introduce a couple of people

Introducing people on Twitter is so easy! It’s a fast and simple way to make connections. All you have to do is write out a few sentences, and you are instantly a connector!

12.  Share a link to something you made

I often share links to my videos. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably want to know when I’ve uploaded a video. I don’t wait around for you to think about it – I just let you know up front that I’ve created something I think you’re really going to like.

13.  Share your status

Remember when social media first came out and you just shared what you were doing? Now, it’s like an anomaly. Say what you’re up to.

14.  Send a reply in the form a Twitter video

Did you know you can record a Twitter video and upload that video to Twitter? If you do this, you’ll turn casual fans into lifelong supporters in no time. The time it takes you to make a short, personal video will have a huge impact on someone’s life.

Want proof?

15.  Share a GIF

The perfect GIF describing your feeling makes for the best Tweet. Seriously. You have to try this one right now.

16.  Ask a question

Pose a question and use a question mark. You would not believe how much people want to help you solve your problem. This is a great way to get engagement and value.

I talked about the tweet that will always get a reply ages ago, and I still stand by this point.

17.  Share an inspiring quote

Everyone loves quotes. Plus, it’s great to let people ponder on a thought as they are scrolling and scrolling.

Bonus points if you use an image here too!

18.  Celebrate someone else.

Create a Tweet and announce to your community that you are celebrating someone else’s accomplishments. What a great surprise for that person too when they see that you’ve given them a shout out!

19.  Reply to someone else’s question

I like to go to the search bar and pop the “?” in there. If there is a question being posed to someone I already follow, I like to swoop in and answer if I can.

Bonus points if the person who was supposed to answer the question responds with “She is so right.”

20.  Checking out for the day

I try not to take my phone in my bedroom at night, so I let Twitter know that I’m signing off in the evening. But, no fear, they know I’ll be back saying hello in the morning.

Those are the 20 Tweets you should be sending every single day. Just by sending out a few Tweets a day, you can start a Twitter storm as you go after the life you want.

If you have other Tweet ideas, leave those in the comments below!