Getting Sponsors & How Often Should You Vlog?

You know I love when you and I can sit down and talk, right?!  I love answering your questions, and for this installment of #AskSSS, I am bringing on a special guest!

This is the first time Vincenzo and I have published a video as a married couple. I got to introduce him as my husband – a term that I love, but sounds so strange coming from my mouth. He is, of course, the perfect person to be on this episode of #AskSSS – he’s so smart and gives such valuable advice. Plus, I get to hang out with him + work, so that’s a win-win for me too!


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I put a call for questions out on Twitter, and Vin and I sat down to answer a few:

Long story short – Vincenzo was hosting a live, video show on Google Hangout (for Brian Fanzo’s website) and he had me on the show. From there, he came to SavvySexySocialLive in Manhatten. We didn’t talk again until he reached out asking to be introduced to iJustine, and my response was “Never. Going. To. Happen.” We saw each other at a conference in San Diego, and we’ve spoken every single day since then until the morning of our wedding day!


Don’t overthink this, but focus on the businesses you are interviewing. Pay attention to the story, their why, and what they’re good at. It’s not about you – it’s about them.

Video is about people, so make the people the priority.

You’re probably focusing on what you can control (tags, thumbnail, etc). but why is social just “ok”? If you don’t have momentum – people you can send to lift the video – nothing is going to happen.

What are you doing to appeal to the audience? Look at the analytics and pay attention to what you’re seeing. Use the lessons you learn from analytics to grow and make your next video even better. I live in my YouTube analytics for days after I publish a video – you should too. Data doesn’t lie.

If you are still new at this, be patient. Keep creating. Nothing can replace consistency. Be willing to put in the work.

There really isn’t an answer to this question. It’s about trying, with what you know you can do and go from there. YouTube will say one day a week is fine, but you need to test this theory.

Consistency should be your main strategy. Don’t miss a beat. Period.

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I think the success of this channel is due to my 3-day-a-week, consistent schedule. After a while my schedule changed, but I was committed to that schedule for 3 years! People began to trust me because I showed up.

If this is a brand building exercise, you need to post more than once a week on Facebook and do something different on Instagram and Twitter. No matter what, be consistent.

Vincenzo suggests focusing on making one killer video each week and then promote. Spend ample time marketing the one video as you’re moving forward to make the next great video.

I’m speaking at an event in London in November, and we’re bring along Blake to document our adventure.

Our current offstage plans are to explore London. Nothing much else is planned.

First, anyone who will listen when you reach out to them!

Second, if you are connected with anyone who works at that company, reach out to them first. Do your homework.

When it comes to decision makers around sponsorships, you have to talk to people who are the branding specialists and PR/marketing employees. The decision-makers are probably in branding, a marketing director, or a VP.

Build the relationship and provide value, especially when you’re looking for someone to sponsor your content. Everything needs to match between you and the brand – so make sure that’s already happening before you approach them.

Most importantly, make sure it’s relevant to your audience.

We’ve seen motivational books that have quick images on each page. Simplicity is best.

Don’t overthink this. It’s so raw and authentic, which makes it really special.

Publish it!

Thanks so much for submitting your questions. Vincenzo and I will be publishing more videos together very soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to our new YouTube channel – – in business and love love and business.