How To Build Your Platform: 3 MORE Simple Ways [pt 3]

On the last episode #BossStatus, powered by Aweber, we talked about 3 additional ways to build your platform. Today, we are back again for the final part of a 3-part series sponsored by Aweber.

Aweber* is the email marketing software I use, I trust, and without them, I wouldn’t have the amazing group of people (you!) to email.

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Today, I have 3 more ways to get started building your platform so you can build a killer brand.

1.  Build Your Confidence

You should be the person who activates you and motivates you to get started. Without confidence, you’ll constantly be waiting for someone’s permission to do the things you want…to go after the life you want. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

You are the only one who can build your confidence. Stop looking at what everyone else is doing. Let the negative self-talk go. Focus on your goals and know that you deserve to achieve your goals.

I’ve been building my confidence over the last few years, and here are 10 tangible ways that I have worked on this in my life.

I believe in you. You should too!

2.  Define your routine and stay consistent

You have to have consistency and you need to build off the motto we talked about in Part 1. The world needs to know what you think and what you stand for as a person, as a personal brand, and as a platform. But, you have to be consistent.

Every time you go to create something, write down all of the steps that it takes in that creation process. Take note of how long it took you so you know what to put in your calendar. This will help you stay consistent.

Creating a routine around what you create will help you avoid the feeling of starting from scratch every time. You won’t have to recall what you did the last time and your brand will have a more consistent look to it because you’ll be following the same process each time.

Go watch my video upload routine so you can see the boxes I check each time I create a new video.

A great way to build your brand is to define your routine. Here's my video upload routine: Click To Tweet

3.  Be where the action is

You know I’m an introvert, but if I don’t get out from behind the computer and meet people (beyond Twitter) there wouldn’t a platform to speak from.

People need to know that you’re a human. Living behind your computer isn’t enough. Getting out there has to happen. I still have connections from the very first conference I attended, way before SavvySexySocial was my full-time job. I’m willing to travel, leave a great impression, follow-up with you, and we’ll tweet together one day. And, because we had the moment in person, our relationship is going to be much better.

You have to get out there and be where the action is.

These are the final 3 strategies of this #BossStatus series. Which strategy are you going to implement in your life today so you can go after the life you want?


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