My Favorite Productivity Apps in 2017

It takes a lot of discipline and a few of my favorite productivity apps to get all the things done on my to-do list. When I look back at this year, I think about some of my major accomplishments: launching a book, speaking, making video, client work, my Creative Live class, and you know…getting married.  None of that would have been possible if I weren’t staying on top of all of my projects.

I wouldn’t have accomplished half of what is on my list if I didn’t have a handle on my productive flow. I like to use apps to help me stay on top of all of my to-dos.

Here are a 4 of my favorite productivity apps in 2017: is a Google Chrome extension that helps with Gmail organization. I treat my inbox like a to-do list, which means I need clear labels and a great filing system. The app helps me handle an email that I don’t need to handle right now. I can keep track of emails by “snoozing” it and having it come back to me later. This helps me keep my inbox manageable and makes sure I don’t miss anything.

This app helps me track what other people have opened. This is a great (and sneaky!) way to make sure that current clients, potential clients, and anyone else I’m trying to keep track of actually open the emails I sent them.

If you want to get started with, check out this great discount they are offering. Use code “vlogboss” to get 10% off. There’s a free trial too!

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I talked about this app in my “iPhone Apps for Vloggers” video, and I love it so much that I had to talk about it again. This isn’t just an app for your phone – you can use it on desktop too.

I like that Focus@Will gives you a variety of sounds or music options so that you are productive and not distracted. It’s a great app to use if you take advantage of the Pomodoro technique. I love the audible change when you are moving in and out of a 25-minute Pomodoro.

If you want to try Focus@Will, use this link for a $20 credit.


I use Braintoss on my phone and on my iWatch. You can use a voice memo, create a note, or snap an image and send yourself a message. Then, the app emails you exactly what you need to know.

When I’m doing something away from my computer or phone, I can use this app on my smartwatch and the information is delivered to my inbox, where I can take care of it later.

This is the fastest process for me to remember what I want to do or look up later. It’s super user-friendly and keeps me on top of everything.


I have talked about this app before in my “Inbox Zero” video, and I still use it. It’s another Gmail extension, and it learns my inbox habits and prioritizes my important emails.

This helps me keep my inbox at a minimum so that it’s not very scary to check my email. It takes away overwhelm so I can focus on the most important email.

Shouldn’t email be according to your preferences, not the preferences and priorities of other people!?!

If you want a $20 credit for Sanebox, click here to get started.

If you want more of my favorite productivity apps and tips, check out my productivity playlist on YouTube.  There are a bunch of videos in there to keep you inspired and going after the life you want.