How To Build Your Platform | 3 Simple Ways [pt 2]

Last week on #BossStatus, powered by Aweber, we talked about the three ways to build your platform. This is the 2nd part of the 3-part series sponsored by Aweber. Aweber* is the email marketing software I trust, and they help me have a strong platform.

Today, I have 3 more simple ways for you to get started building your platform to make sure you go after the life you want.


As you know, it’s my mission to help you go after the life you want. I am here to empower you to share your views and ideas; the best place to do that is on an established platform.

Here are three additional ways to build your platform:

1.  Create your home base

A YouTube presence and an Instagram account are not enough. What if one of those social networks goes away? What if you get kicked off of a platform for some reason?

Social networks (including YouTube!) are rented space. You don’t own them. You cannot control what happens on those sites. (If you could, I bet you’d change those algorithms. #AmIRight)

You need to have your own assets – that means a website. Your website houses everything you do: all of your content, merchandise, and linking out to another page as a seamless experience.

I am very protective about my own website because it stores everything: every video I’ve ever created, every blog post I’ve ever written, every podcast I’ve recorded, information about my upcoming speaking dates, and a very easy way for you to get a hold of my book. I also link to all of my social profiles, how to sign up to my email list, and how to join Vlog Boss University.

2.  Reconnect with people regularly

You need to connect with your contacts on a regular basis. You’ve met a lot of people in your life, and you need to be connecting with them more often than you think.

Each morning, reach out to 3 people by sending a text or an email. Plan to meet up if you are traveling to their city. Send them an article that made you think of them.

Just say hi. Ask them about something that you know is happening in their life. Be authentic, and prove that you want to stay in touch.

3.  Sign up for Google alerts

Google alerts is a simple way to stay updated on things happening in the world without having to go in and check on them daily. You can set up an alert for a phrase and they’ll ping you when a new website is saved (or cached). You get all of the information with very little effort.

Go to and start entering different terms. Choose a phrase where you are the expert or thought leader + enter what your goal is.

For example, I have an alert set up for “video marketing” (what I do) and “call for speakers” (my goal). It’s not just for things you want to do but also for things you want to be aware of. You can learn about trending topics and stay updated in your industry. #platformbuildinghack

Building your platform becomes so much easier when you have a solid website, are consistently reaching out to people in your network, and when you stay updated with Google alerts.

Build your platform and go after the life you want.


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