How I Jump Cut My Videos

I got on YouTube in 2011, and seriously, the most requested video of all time is now here! Typically when you watch a video on my channel, you’re learning about video (obvs!), but there’s more to it than that.

You’re learning about branding, social media, and how to go after the life you want. Sometimes I nerd out about tools and cameras, but aside from that, I mostly stay on topic.


I have talked about the details my editing strategy in Vlog Boss University and at my CreativeLive class, but never on my YouTube channel, and that ends today!

How I Jump Cut My Videos In Final Cut Pro

What is a jump cut?

If you’ve watched my videos for a while, you’ll see that I don’t like to breathe. Just kidding. I do breathe, but I cut that part out – I’m trying to save everyone time + add some comedic timing.

When you’re talking about marketing and business, some dry topics, jump cuts keep the pace up. This strategy has given me a spotlight as a thought leader in my industry.

How do I jump cut?

First, I uploaded a video file – over 8 minutes of footage, which is too long.

You’ll notice that when I get to the end of a clip – the audio blip is finished and my mouth is shut – I cut the file and skip the hair flip. I literally delete the section that doesn’t have anything happening. Then, I find the next section where I’m speaking and cut out any dead space. Downtime in my transitions gives way for title slides and keeps my sentences flowing.

My biggest tricks

Just because I say a word, doesn’t mean that you need to see it…at least not the entire word.

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For example, if I’m going to cut into the last part of the word and starting the next clip entirely, I cut the visual down from the first sentence and let the next sentence start a little early.

Jump cuts get interesting because there’s a total break but then it all comes together. The more you layer the audio, the faster the pace of the audio is going to be.

If what you’re saying is predictable, you can take some extra liberties with the jump cuts. But, I don’t want the audio so fast that people can’t follow along. It’s a fine line, but you’ll get better the more you do it.

To make sure viewers can follow along, I don’t layer my audio too much in the beginning because I want to let people in and get them excited about the topic. Once they are a minute or so in, I like to keep a good pace and move the content along.


If you have a continuous piece of advice, have a quick jump cut to keep the conversation moving. When you’re listing instructions, have a beat between each task to make sure the viewer can understand everything.

You bore people with too much space between the audio sections of your video. The viewer doesn’t need to see all of the words I’m saying, they need to HEAR it, and hear it at an appropriate pace so I’m not wasting their time.

After all that work, I cut the video down from 8+ minutes to 7 minutes and 14 seconds. There was some downtime in the video, but whoa!, I saved I lot of time using jump cuts.

Make a quick video and start editing. Add in images and sounds, make it faster, and create a more enjoyable experience for the viewer.