How To Build Your Platform | 3 Simple Ways [pt 1]

You know what I love? Helping you go after the life you want! This video is the first of a 3-part series brought to you by Aweber. Aweber* helps me have a platform that I’m proud of, and here are the 3 simple steps to know how to build your platform.


Having a platform is super important. This is where you share what you think, show where you’re coming from, and introduce people to things they need to know when they are ready to work with you.

You have to let them know where you are coming from and what ideas you have. The more consistent you are with your published content and communicating via email, the more success you’ll have in the long run. Your platform is where you’ll stay consistent.

How to build your platform:

1.  Design Your Motto

My motto is “go after the life you want.” That’s my big picture objective, and I share that message in everything I do, in my videos, on my podcast, on social media, and when I’m on stage. I talk about this no matter what my topic is.

When you’re thinking about your motto, think about how you help people. What is that thing that you give them and gets them to come back to you?

Your motto gives someone a very easy reason to like you. No matter what you do, you have to relate personally at some level, so you have to express your humanity in what you do. People want to work with people, not robots.

2.  Create Content Every Day

If you create something every day, that consistency will make your brand stronger overall. It’s difficult to post a video on YouTube every day, so you might think about posting a piece of content in some other way, like a LinkedIn article or a microblog post on Instagram, you’ll be able to get your thoughts out there in a variety of formats.

What are you doing to put your thoughts out there in an interesting way?

You might be sharing content offline. Go speak at a conference or host an in-person workshop. Make sure you share what you think on a regular basis.

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3.  Absorb Success Stories

You designed your motto and then you’re making content every day. Now, you have to do more than that – you cannot live in a bubble.

Pick up a book and read someone’s story. Watch a documentary about someone’s process, even if they’re not in the same field as you. You get to learn about what people had to do over a long period of time to be successful at some point. Your definition of success might look different, and that’s great because you’re expanding your mind and becoming a greater version of yourself.

As you start to build your platform, brand outside of your comfort zone to build your platform while learning from someone who has already been there.


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