How I Started Speaking

VEDA – vlog every day in August – is officially in full swing. I uploaded a video on Day 1 of a live Q&A I did answering the burning questions about VEDA. Watch the video to find out why I’m not following the traditional route and publishing daily but instead am recording every day and publishing at the end of the week. With my schedule and upcoming wedding, this is what works for my life right now.


Follow along with me this week as I get a massage, have a call for a potential international speaking and travel gig, make an audio note to Malia, and you and I have a sit-down so you can hear about my take on speaking engagements. You also get to see some podcasting and the behind-the-scenes of going live.

My Take on Speaking Engagements

There are only a few women on the speaking circuit, and I’m proud to be one of them. There could be more of us out there, so I hope you consider joining the reigns as a professional speaker. We are all overly critical about ourselves, our qualifications, and our abilities. Honestly, it’s holding us back in so many ways.

Speaking happened naturally for me, which shocked me. I did terribly in speech class, and I didn’t grow up being the ham of the family. I practiced all of this. I work hard to make it happen each time I get on stage. Speaking happened because of video – people watched and knew that if I could make great video, then I would make a great speaker.

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My tip for you, if you want to start speaking – start making video. And, start yesterday. Don’t hesitate.


People are doing VEDA to practice talking to a camera to make it natural. You’re practicing to be the ultimate communicator. Video got me so far ahead of the game. That was the way I communicated, and it worked perfectly.

If you believe that your message is worth stepping on stage for, which it is, and you know you can do it, then you have to start practicing yesterday.

If you want to become a paid speaker, you have to be the most practiced speaker. And that usually means speaking for FREE! Yes, I’ve spoken at a lot of big name places, like Social Media Marketing World, but I’ve also stepped on stage at the local marketing club and at the local Rotary Club. None of those were paid gigs. It’s about spreading your message. The only way to spread you message is to say yes, even though you aren’t getting paid. I said yes to every single speaking gig that came my way, and I spoke for free all over the world.

This helped me in two ways:

  1. Tons of experience!
  2. Expedited me becoming a paid speaker

If you have the opportunity to get on a plane and speak, do it. Say yes! When it comes to travel and doing something that moves the needle to get me further and to get my message out there, it’s worth it. Plus, it gives me a little extra oomph that I’m a woman because there just aren’t that many of us.

Speaking organizers just want the best talent at the best price. We, as women, need to get more confident about what we’re doing. The organizers want to hear from you. They want you to be a contender. Being a woman is only pushing you forward. If you prove that you do it well, you deserve to be there.

But you have to take action to get there. Do the work. Practice. Make video. And come see me when I speak next!

People are afraid of speaking, but if you aren’t, then go after it.

Other fun things I did this week:

You get to see my chat on VetHustle with Brian Zimmerman, and I speak with Cliff, who is normally a podcaster but is dipping his toes into video. Cliff and I chat on my podcast, Vlog Boss Radio.

Did you I know I have a podcast? You should listen.

I get to be on Business Cinema Live with Holly Gillen. Hanging out with Holly is always a pleasure. She is killing it online!

What did you vlog this week? Keep going after the life you want, and make a video to document your process. It’s worth it.