IT’S HERE! (+ #SSSVEDA Sign Up!)

Going live makes me happy! I love talking to you one-on-one. If you want to know the next time I go live, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. When you subscribe, you get notified when I’m live, so make sure you do it!

As you know, I did a Creative Live class (affiliate) last week. And, while I was in San Francisco, I got some amazing news!

My audiobook for Vlog Like a Boss (affiliate) is live!

I know it took too long – I mean, more than 5 months! I’m the one who recorded it. I’m the narrator. I stayed very close to words-on-paper, but I did go rogue a few times and spoke directly to the audiobook audience. I love that you get to hear how I interpreted the words because so many people have mentioned that they can hear my voice when they’re reading the book. Now, you can literally hear my voice as you’re reading the book.

How cool is that!

If you want to hear how the book sounds, I do a sneak preview on my podcast. I read the introduction on the podcast where I talk about how I met Gary Vaynerchuk.

Do you want the audiobook for free?

You can get a free book on Audible by signing up here.  It’s only 4 hours and 50 minutes. You can power through the book on one long car ride!

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In other news, it’s almost time for Vlog Every day in August (VEDA). Every August (and April) there is a huge group of people who sign up for the infamous YouTube challenge.

Why should you sign up?

You are letting the world know you are vlogging every day in August. You are never going to get better until you hit publish over and over. And then, you have to make more video and hit publish again and again.

When you sign up, you show up on a Google Sheet so everyone can see who is participating. We can support each other and give each other the encouragement to keep going and to be better.

I’m getting married very soon (YAY!), so I don’t think vlogging everyday in the days leading up to my wedding is the best idea. Instead, I’m going to publish a weekly recap similar to this vlog I did a few weeks ago.

If you want to make your video even better, grab my Creative Live class, listen to my audiobook, and sign up for SSSVEDA. You’ll exponentially improve your vlogging game by the end of August.